The Best Cooking Utensils Of 2023

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From vegetable peelers and cheese graters to can openers and garlic presses, cooking utensils are an essential part of any kitchen. Sure, you can improvise by using a bottle instead of a rolling pin or a knife instead of a pizza wheel, but the results may be less than desirable. Purchasing quality kitchen tools is the best way to maximize your chances of epicurean success. We strongly believe that using the appropriate equipment can make you a better cook, no matter your current skills.

Kitchen utensils are a great investment since you will likely use them on a regular and even daily basis. However, this is also why it's so important to pick the right tools for the job. There's little use in purchasing a cooking gadget that's tricky to use or falls apart within weeks. After all, the last thing you need is more clutter in your junk drawer. With this in mind, here's our roundup of the best kitchen utensils of 2023.

How we selected products

Whether you're looking for a utensil to prep ingredients or a gadget to help you serve your culinary creations, it's important to remember that not all kitchen tools are created equal. As such, there are certain aspects to take into account before making your purchase. Firstly, all cooking tools should be functional and made from sturdy materials to ensure that they withstand the test of time. While not necessary, it helps if a product comes with a warranty. Aesthetics are another factor to think about. Is the product available in different colors? Is it going to fit your existing kitchen decor and does that matter to you?

To bring you a list of the best cooking utensils of 2023, we looked at the top brands and products within various categories. We also read hundreds of community and expert reviews because even the best-sounding products can turn out to be duds in the kitchen. Ready to overhaul your kitchen? Our roundup of the best cooking utensils of the year should help you separate the wheat from the chaff. All prices were accurate as of the publishing date of this article.

Best meat thermometer

Whether you're roasting meat or poaching fish, the Lavatools Javelin digital meat thermometer can be a game changer. Designed to read the internal temperature of food and liquids within 5 seconds, this thermometer features a stainless steel probe and a large 1.5-inch LCD display. When not in use, the meat thermometer comes with a lanyard and an in-built magnet for easy storage on hooks or magnetic surfaces such as your refrigerator. Plus, the Lavatools Javelin digital meat thermometer is available in a range of appealing colors to fit any kitchen decor.

This handy piece of equipment has received solid ratings from various sources. For instance, Don't Waste Your Money rates the thermometer 9 out of 10. Meanwhile, more than 18,000 Amazon shoppers have awarded the kitchen tool 4.7 out of 5 stars. One happy Amazon customer who says they are a professional cook calls the Lavatools thermometer the best in its price range, adding that it gives fast and reliable readings and is easy to use.

Purchase the Lavatools Javelin digital meat thermometer from Amazon starting at $26.99.

Best kitchen grater

Made from stainless steel, the Cuisipro box grater features four different surfaces: fine for grating lemon zest, coarse for chocolate, ultra coarse for cheese, and a shaver for vegetables. Aside from its razor-sharp grooves, the grater features a comfortable grip and a non-slip base that doubles as a ginger grater. In addition, unlike standard graters, Cuisipro's grooves are produced by an intricate etching process rather than punching out holes. This ensures that it cuts through ingredients rather than shredding them apart.

Tim Heffernan, who reviewed the Cuisipro box grater for The New York Times Wirecutter, calls the gadget "sturdy, stainless, and wickedly sharp," adding that he's been using it around five times per week for the past five years without any signs of wear and tear. As such, it's little wonder that Don't Waste Your Money rates it 9.2 out of 10. The kitchen gadget has also received 4.8 out of 5 stars from Amazon shoppers, with 85% of reviewers awarding it 5 out of 5 stars. Commenting on its quality, one Amazon customer even warns home chefs to watch their fingers around the grater, adding, "this sucker is SHARP! It makes shredding and grating a breeze. Worth every penny. Highly recommended!"

Purchase the Cuisipro box grater from Amazon starting at $31.80.

Best lemon squeezer

Available in multiple color options, the Zulay 2-In-1 lemon and lime squeezer is versatile enough to extract juice from limes, lemons, and small oranges. Plus, the industrial aluminum gadget won't leave any stray pips in your juice thanks to the dual seed filters. The squeezer is also dishwasher-safe and comes with a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind.

Zulay's handy kitchen tool has received outstanding ratings across platforms, with a 9.8 out of 10 stars from Best Views Reviews. Amazon shoppers are also impressed with the product, giving it a very solid 4.7 out of 5 stars across more than 37,000 reviews. One Amazon customer sums up why they love the Zulay squeezer, saying, "I was surprised at the heft of this juicer. It is a heavy-duty, metal utensil. My only regret is that I have been squeezing lemons using a reamer for all these years when I could have been using this wonderful lemon/lime squeezer." Skip out on similar regrets by introducing the handy utensil into your kitchen. 

Purchase the Zulay metal 2-In-1 lemon and lime squeezer from Amazon starting at $14.99.

Best kitchen scissors

Used for cutting poultry, veggies, herbs, and other ingredients, kitchen shears are chunkier and more heavy-duty than regular scissors (via Eco Family Life). If you're looking for a high-quality set to elevate your culinary endeavors, the OXO Good Grips multi-purpose kitchen scissors won't disappoint. Crafted from stainless steel, the scissors feature micro-serrated blades and an herb stripper. The handy kitchen utensil also comes with comfortable cushioned handles and blades that can be pulled apart for easy cleaning.

Ella Ceron, who praises OXO's kitchen scissors in a review for Apartment Therapy, uses the shears to cut veggies for salads. While Ceron notes that the OXO scissors aren't the most affordable option on the market, she claims that her investment paid off almost immediately since it got her to stop buying pre-made salads during lunch breaks.

The kitchen shears have also received outstanding community ratings, garnering 9.6 out of 10 stars on Best Views Reviews and 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Clearly impressed with the gadget, an Amazon shopper compliments the design, saying, "As scissors for the kitchen (or anything) they're solid. A little pricey perhaps [...] but the design is great. By simply opening them up all the way, you can easily separate the two sides for cleaning. No tools or effort needed."

Purchase the OXO Good Grips multi-purpose kitchen scissors from Amazon starting at $19.95.

Best rolling pin

Ideal for flattening dough for cookies, pies, or pasta, the Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin is made from solid beech wood. However, what really makes this kitchen utensil stand out from the rolling pin pack are its removable discs that let you roll dough to a specific thickness. Plus, it comes with a handy measurement guide etched into the wood. On the downside, since this snazzy rolling pin is made out of wood, it isn't dishwasher-safe.

If you're sick and tired of rolling uneven dough, then Joseph Joseph's product is exactly what you've been looking for. And while getting the hang of using the utensil may take some time, once you learn how to get your pastry to the desired thickness, there's no looking back, as per Insider. Jennifer D. who reviewed it for Wired echoes this sentiment, adding that before discovering this adjustable rolling pin, her cookie dough was uneven and would constantly burn in the thinner areas when she baked it.

Purchase the Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin from Amazon starting at $21.10.

Best vegetable peeler

Although peeling veggies isn't overly appealing, sometimes it's unavoidable. Thankfully, the right tool can make the job a whole lot easier and faster. Combining a die-cast zinc non-slip handle and a stainless steel blade, the OXO Good Grips pro swivel peeler is both effective and durable. Plus, it comes with an eye scoop, which is perfect for removing undesirable blemishes from potatoes. You'll love the fact that it's also dishwasher-safe for efficient cleaning.

The Produce Nerd notes that the peeler's only downside is its relatively high cost. Otherwise, the blog praises the vegetable peeler for its comfortable grip, the way it smoothly glides across vegetables (including an acorn squash), and the ease with which it gets rid of potato eyes. Amazon shoppers are also impressed with the kitchen tool, awarding it 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

One satisfied Amazon reviewer waxes lyrical about the peeler's capabilities, saying, "Makes quick work of any peelable fruit or vegetable with its sharp blade. The peeler has a good heft to it without being too heavy, and the rubber material used for the handle is very comfortable. Great value and highly recommended."

Purchase the OXO Good Grips pro swivel peeler from Amazon starting at $15.95.

Best ice cube maker

Designed for making ice cubes and freezing treats, garlic butter, and other foods, the GoodCook flexible silicone ice cube tray comes with large 2-ounce cavities. The BPA-free plastic tray is malleable enough so you can easily push out each cube one at a time or simultaneously release them by twisting the tray. It also comes with a sliding cover to prevent the cubes from absorbing any undesirable freezer odors. Last but definitely not least in our books, GoodCook's ice cube tray is dishwasher-safe.

This handy tray has received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with three-quarters of shoppers awarding it 5 out of 5 stars. One happy Amazon customer comments that everything about the ice cube tray is easy, including filling it, covering the cubes with the sliding lid, stacking the trays, and removing the cubes. In addition, it's clear that the tray is ultra-versatile, and shoppers say that they use it to freeze a variety of products such as scrambled fresh eggs, homemade stock, and even raw cat food.

Purchase the GoodCook flexible silicone ice cube tray from Amazon starting at $8.99.

Best can opener

Whether you're elderly, suffering from arthritis, or simply looking to simplify the cooking process, the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch electric can opener delivers. Using the automatic device is as simple as lining it up with a can and pressing the built-in lever. Plus, the elegant black and chrome gadget cuts along the sides of can lids (rather than tops) to ensure no sharp edges.

The Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch electric can opener has received positive community and expert ratings. For instance, Don't Waste Your Money has awarded the kitchen gadget 8.9 out of 10 and Best Views Reviews has given it an outstanding 9.8 out of 10 stars. Meanwhile, over 70,000 Amazon reviewers have rated the can opener for an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

Proclaiming that the gadget is worth every penny, one Amazon shopper lists what they like about it, saying, "Number one, no more razor edges to deal with and number two, [it] doesn't need to be cleaned as it never touches the contents of the can." The satisfied customer goes on to comment that they opened eight cans in the span of a minute with zero hand cramping.

Purchase the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch electric can opener from Amazon starting at $32.96.

Best whisk

There are two main types of whisks: whisks with round wires designed for aerating liquids and those with flat wires for mixing ingredients (via Reluctant Gourmet). The GIR premium stainless steel whisk falls into the former category. The tear-drop-shaped kitchen utensil comes with 12 flexible stainless steel wires connected to a BPA- and BPS-free silicone handle. Both the handle and the wires are counterweighted to prevent wrist fatigue during whisking. The whisk is also quite resistant and both dishwasher-safe and heat-proof up to 550 F.

GIR's premium stainless steel whisk has received 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with over 80% of shoppers awarding it 5 out of 5 stars. Many reviewers seem impressed with the whisk's dimpled handle, saying that it's "very easy to grip securely" and "long enough to avoid burning your hand with splatters." Customers also praise the whisk's high quality, and one Amazon reviewer comments, "The whisk wires do not seem to bend or warp under heavy use. Washing is easy and does not seem to weaken or degrade the unit like past whisks I have owned."

Purchase the GIR premium stainless steel whisk from Amazon starting at $12.95.

Best kitchen utensil set

Perfect for those without the time to select their cooking tools one by one, the OXO Good Grips everyday kitchen tool set features 15 commonly-used kitchen utensils. Made from stainless steel and nylon, the set includes a potato masher, tongs, a peeler, a whisk, a spatula, a grater, a can opener, a meat tenderizer, an ice cream scoop, and a pizza wheel. It also comes with a range of turners and spoons to cover all your bases. All the pieces sit in a stylish stainless steel utensil holder with a removable drip tray. OXO's utensil set is heat resistant up to 400 F and can be used on non-stick cookware.

With over 1,700 Amazon ratings averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars, the OXO Good Grips kitchen utensil set is clearly a hit with home chefs. And while some reviewers mention that the container doesn't store the tools as well as it appears to in the picture, they agree that the set is still a worthwhile investment. One Amazon shopper is particularly impressed with the set's durability, saying, "This is a great set of utensils that have held up for 4 years (and counting) of frequent use, and are still going strong. Also, I strictly wash my dishes in the dishwasher, and these utensils have gone through countless dishwashes."

Purchase the OXO Good Grips everyday kitchen utensil set from Amazon starting at $139.95.

Best mandoline slicer

As a slicer, chopper, and shredder in one, VEKAYA's kitchen vegetable slicer is the kitchen tool you never knew you needed. Made from stainless steel, the mandoline not only makes it easy to cut veggies and fruit into various shapes but can also be adjusted to slice them to different thickness levels, from paper-thin to 9 millimeters. The slicer also features settings for French fries and ruffled potato chips, and it comes with a push holder and a pair of cut-resistant gloves to protect you from accidental cuts.

The mandoline has been awarded top marks on a number of platforms, including a rating of 8.6 out of 10 on OveReview and 8.5 out of 10 on Best Views Reviews. The kitchen utensil has also received 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with around two-thirds of shoppers awarding it 5 out of 5 stars. 

Clearly impressed, one Amazon reviewer highlights the mandoline's versatility, saying, "[It has] multiple thicknesses and julienne/dicing options for almost every possible cut you need. [...] Works on most foods, including onions and potatoes."

Purchase the VEKAYA adjustable kitchen vegetable slicer from Amazon starting at $63.27.

Best garlic press

Sturdy and rust-proof, the ORBLUE stainless steel garlic press makes short work of crushing garlic. Simply squeeze the ergonomic handles together and watch as the mashed garlic oozes out of the basket, leaving the peel inside the device. According to the Creative Lifestyle blog, the press can even fit two garlic cloves at a time. This sleek press also comes with a garlic peeler and a handy cleaning brush. Best of all, the garlic crusher is backed by a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured you're investing in a quality product.

Standing testament to its quality, the ORBLUE stainless steel garlic press has received a rating of 9.3 out of 10 on Don't Waste Your Money and an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from more than 19,000 Amazon shoppers. While most reviewers compliment the gadget's sturdiness, some have noted that minced garlic sometimes gets stuck in the grate. Luckily, this is where the accompanying brush can help, and one Amazon reviewer advises, "Word of caution, don't lose the brush [...] or you'll be up a creek (in a canoe) without a paddle."

Purchase the ORBLUE stainless steel garlic press from Amazon starting at $15.97.

Best ice cream scoop

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Zeroll original ice cream scoop is its handle. Filled with heat-conductive fluid, it channels body heat to facilitate easy scooping and release. The second most admirable aspect of this ice cream scoop is its ability to create larger scoops. More precisely, according to the manufacturer's website, the scoop delivers 20% more volume than standard scoops. With a one-piece design, the aluminum alloy scoop is also easy to clean, although it's not dishwasher-safe.

NBC News calls Zeroll's original ice cream scoop the expert pick, adding that it can "glide through ice cream like butter." The writers for The New York Times Wirecutter concur, saying that the utensil creates perfect-looking scoops from even the densest ice cream and is sturdier than mechanical scoops with springs. It seems that Amazon shoppers tend to agree, with 81% of reviewers giving the scoop a 5 out of 5 rating. One Amazon reviewer cheekily calls the scoop "udderly amazing," adding, "No more waiting for ice cream to soften up!! Just slide across the top and form scoops of all sizes just like the people at expensive ice cream parlors. I wish I had bought it 30 years ago!"

Purchase Zeroll's original ice cream scoop from Amazon starting at $22.49.

Best spice mill

Equipped with sharp stainless steel blades, the Microplane manual spice mill makes pulverizing hard spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon, a breeze. The spice grinder is also super easy to use — simply remove the plunger lid, place the spices in the airtight storage chamber, close the plunger, and gently push down while twisting clockwise. Since the mill is operated manually, you'll never need to worry about running out of batteries mid-grind.

Rating the Microplane manual spice mill with 4.5 out of 5 stars, Lydia Anderson from BBC Good Food appreciates its storage space, ease of use, and the minimal pressure required to get a fine grind. Nevertheless, she also points out that the mill isn't as versatile as some other grinders on the market since it's only designed for hard spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, long pepper peppercorns, tonka beans, and nuts.

Purchase the Microplane manual spice mill from Amazon starting at $20.99.

Best baster

Distributing pan drippings over poultry as it cooks is a great way to keep meat moist, flavorful, and glowing with a wonderful glazed coating. Designed to make the process of distributing juices over your roast easier, Tovolo's dripless baster is composed of a silicone bulb, a transparent cylinder, and a removable angled head. Simply squeeze the bulb to take in drippings and squeeze it again to release them over the meat or into your gravy.

This easy-to-use baster has received a favorable rating of 4.6 out of 5 from around 3,000 Amazon shoppers, with 77% of reviewers awarding it 5 out of 5 stars. Overall, customers seem to like that the utensil is mess-free and easy to clean. One Amazon reviewer goes as far as to say that this is the best baster they have ever purchased, adding, "The suction is very strong. It comes with its own little brush to clean. The tip of the baster is removable so if any food particles are stuck they are easy to remove."

Purchase Tovolo's easy-to-use dripless baster from Amazon starting at $9.99.

Egg yolk separator

There are many ways to separate egg yolks from egg whites, most of them messy and tedious. This isn't the case for the Peleg Design egg separator. Made from BPA-free plastic, the handy tool comes in three ultra-cute designs — opt for the orange fish, green frog, or pink pig. Squeeze and release the dishwasher-safe gadget to swallow the yolk, and squeeze it again to release the yolk exactly where you want it.

Peleg Design's silicone egg separator rates a solid 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, with shoppers noting that it sucks up yolks without damaging them. Recommending the product, one satisfied Amazon customer says that, unlike other similar tools, "This fish keeps my hands from touching any egg and gets all the egg white that usually likes to cling to the yolk. It's also mess-free and cleans very well."

Purchase the Peleg Design silicone egg separator from Amazon starting at $13.90.

Best pizza cutter

While cutting pizza with a knife is always a possibility if you're in a bind, there are better options that will slice right through the topping rather than pushing it around. The Kitchy pizza cutter wheel is one of them. Scoring 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 35,000 Amazon shoppers, the stainless steel gadget is very simple to use. In fact, all it needs is some light vertical pressure.

According to The Kitchen Warriors, the Kitchy pizza cutter wheel fulfills all the requirements of a quality pizza slicer, including being "efficient, sharp, and easy to clean." More specifically, the blog points to the wheel's ergonomic grip, protective blade guard, and lifetime guarantee. And while some shoppers have complained that the gadget's blade can get dull, you can easily have the utensil sharpened just like with any kitchen knife.

Purchase the Kitchy pizza cutter wheel from Amazon starting at $9.99.

Best meat tenderizer

Thanks to modern kitchen tools, the days of tenderizing meat by placing it between two pieces of plastic wrap and pounding it with a mallet are long gone. The OXO Good Grips bladed meat tenderizer is one of these new and efficient gadgets. Equipped with 50 blades, the stainless steel tenderizer doesn't just soften protein — it also punches holes in the meat for easy marinade absorption. Plus, the device is contoured to easily fit in the palm of the hand and can be taken apart for cleaning.

The OXO Good Grips bladed meat tenderizer has received outstanding community ratings of 9.4 out of 10 on OveReview and 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon. One Amazon reviewer calls the gadget simple and practical, adding that the holes guarantee it soaks up plenty of flavor from marinades, making it especially convenient for grilling. However, when it comes to cleaning the gadget, there is a lack of consensus among Amazon reviewers. Some say the tenderizer is "easy to keep clean," while others proclaim the exact opposite.

Purchase the OXO Good Grips bladed meat tenderizer from Amazon starting at $22.95.