Shania Twain's Grammy's Look Has The Internet Craving Wendy's

There is likely nothing quite as nerve-shattering as trying to get ready for a saunter down the red carpet. This is, after all, not just any crimson-hued floor covering. This is the venue of designer gowns, glittering bling, and perfectly coiffed tresses. And if any of these things is an epic fail, your less-than-flattering image and a slew of harsh adjectives will spread across the globe faster than a pandemic. So how should one get red carpet-ready in order to best avoid setting social media tongues a-wagging? 

Celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, told BestLife that it is important to eschew the two greatest fluid retainers — alcohol and salt, and it is a great idea to drink lots of water — "at least one small bottle every three waking hours," suggests Pasternak. Moreover, when Zanna Roberts Rassi of Marie Claire appeared on the Rachael Ray show, she recommended carrying a kit containing, sweat-soaking garment shields, Static Guard, seamless thongs, and gel dots for your footwear to help prevent rubbing. 

Shania Twain explained to Music Mayhem that her Red Carpet moment at this year's Grammy's was all about "an opportunity to wear fun clothes." And the red hair, she explained, was to add a pop of color to her black and white attire (via E!). However, as Twain has since found out, sometimes one's fun fashion choices are not always embraced by others. 

Shania Twain's outfit has tongues wagging

Viewers of this year's Grammy Awards show were greeted by a rather unfamiliar Shania Twain. She strutted the Red Carpet wearing a cow-print pants suit and a giant hat befitting a Dr. Seuss character. Entertainment Weekly says that the suit was by Harris Reed, warning Pharrell to watch out as Shania is "officially coming for your brand." While her outfit set Hollywood's tongues a-wagging, the biggest conversation starter was the unveiling of her latest hair color: a vibrant shade of red. 

Shortly after her stint as a Grammy presenter, the Twitterverse came to life with people commenting on her choice of wig, declaring that she looked just like the girl from Wendy's. They're not wrong. Pencil in some bright red freckles, and tie her mane in a duo of blue bows, and you could place her image on the restaurant's signage. Twitter user @MasterMoltar declared that Twain's hair color was exactly the same as the Wendy's chick, @tylerchernesky asked if anyone else was now craving a 4 for $4, while @DPDuPONT1968 asked if the singer was auditioning for a Wendy's commercial. 

Coincidentally, the country crooner did confess to People magazine that she used to work at McDonald's and loved it, especially the drive-thru. It's not a big stretch, then, that she'd don the follicles of a famous fast food face — add some curls and she could almost pull off a diminutive Ronald