The Apple Cider Vinegar Community Is Coming For Katy Perry

With the warmer weather fast approaching, many people are searching for unique ways to improve their overall health and it seems Katy Perry is no different. In an interview with Women's Health, the pop diva revealed that she often enjoys a tall glass of water mixed with apple cider vinegar (ACV) in the morning in order to kick-start her daily hydration. 

While these claims are unproven and a doctor's opinion is always recommended, drinking apple cider vinegar is rumored to provide a host of health benefits to users including supposedly banishing acne (per Healthline). This has garnered the ingredient a legion of dedicated fans and even its own subreddit. While having Katy Perry come out as a member of the ACV community might seem like a great source of publicity for those singing the praises of the vinegar, certain ACV fans aren't too pleased about Perry's involvement. 

The controversy apparently concerns a commercially available brand of apple cider vinegar, called Bragg. Bragg has been around since 1912, making the company an OG in the ACV game. 

AVC fans accused Perry of changing the vinegar's potency

The debacle started when a Twitter user reposted another user's self-proclaimed "public service announcement" concerning the consistency of two bottles of Bragg AVC. The post showed two bottles of the apple cider vinegar purchased at different times and compared the color of the vinegar in each bottle. While the potency of the product definitely can't be proven through just a picture, it is clear from the photo that one of the AVC bottles does appear to be markedly darker. 

So where does the Teenage Dream singer come into the AVC equation? The Twitter post when on to disclose that Katy Perry and her partner Orlando Blood had recently purchased Bragg and accused the couple of watering down the Bragg apple cider vinegar formulation in order to turn a bigger profit off the health food super ingredient. 

Several Twitter users pointed out that Perry has had a personal relationship with Bragg cofounder Patricia Bragg since childhood, a fact that was confirmed by the Santa Barbara Independent. Since purchasing the company, Perry has taken to social media to share Bragg's message, even using her own Instagram to share information about the company's famous apple cider vinegar. While it's unclear whether Bragg AVC fans will come around to Perry's ownership of their beloved wellness brand, it's clear that Perry is committed to doing her part to continue the Bragg legacy.