Crème Brûlée Donuts Are All The Rage On TikTok

The newest food fad on TikTok is a play on creme brûlée, but you won't need to whip out your blowtorch for this version. The video sharing platform has popularized a new spin on this classic dessert. Creme brûlée translates to "burnt cream" in French. It gets this name because the dessert features a solid layer of sugar on top that gets its crunch from a using a blowtorch, according to Taste Atlas.

Eating creme brûlée may induce feelings of fanciness, but it's relatively simple to make. You can even make a 3-ingredient creme brûlée recipe. Traditionally the custard contains egg yolks, cream, sugar, and vanilla. Despite the short list of ingredients, there are plenty of ways to change up your recipe by adding flavors and fillings to the cream. The one thing that typically remains consistent in creme brûlées across the board is the vessel they're served in. Normally, it arrives at your table in a ramekin that's been placed in a water bath and baked until the egg yolks have set.

TikTok has taken creme brulee on the go by removing the ramekin and transforming it into a handheld delicacy.

TikTok highlights crunchy sugar topping

Restaurants commonly serve creme brûlée for dessert. But if you want it at home and need to forgo the ramekins, TikTok will teach you to make this treat in donut form. Creme brûlée donuts are one of TikTok's biggest recipes right now.

These donuts are not ordinary donuts. Based on a video from @TheChefMine, you start with a basic fried donut. Then whip up a quick pastry cream — this poster made French vanilla cream. Instead of using a blowtorch to melt sugar on top, they prepared caramel on the stovetop and dipped in the top of the donuts to finish off this creation with the distinct crunchy topping that signifies creme brûlée.

TikTok really digs the videos that feature people tapping on the hard, sugary top of these donuts and then cracking them and allowing the creamy filling to ooze out. "idk if I even like crème brûlée but I've never wanted anything so bad," wrote one commenter. Another piped in, "I actually think I would travel dimensions if I took a bite of that."