The Clever McDonald's Hack That Will Get You Two Free Chicken McNuggets

Chicken nuggets are one of the most popular meal choices for fast food fans all over the world. To many Americans, the taste of crispy chicken is irresistible, with the country downing 2.3 million servings of the restaurant dish in 2018, per the NPD Group (via CNBC). Depending on the locale and the level of your desire to dip, you can order a six-pack, nine-pack, or even 20-pack of one of the country's most iconic nugget dishes of all: McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. For big groups (or very hungry nugget lovers), there's an even a 40-piece option, says Mortadella Head

The perfect amount of McNuggets to order depends on a number of factors, including the depth of your pockets and the intensity of your hunger pangs. Sometimes you may be craving eight perfect bites of chicken, but your budget only allows for six. Is there a way to snag the last two? Indeed, a clever McDonald's hack apparently lets you enjoy eight McNuggets for less than the price of six. A TikToker from North Wales showed more than 6 million viewers exactly how to pull it off.

Buy two orders of a four-piece McNugget meal

"Another McDonald's hack you all need to know about," Ashley Osbourne explained on TikTok as he made a savvy order at his local joint. "A large six chicken nugget meal is £6, but if you get two chicken nuggets Happy Meals, you'll get two drinks, two fries, and eight nuggets for cheaper." Doing the math, the screen showed the equivalent of $7.37 as the cost of the large chicken nuggets option (six pieces), while the cost of the two Happy Meals (containing four nuggets each) summed up to $7.24. And there you have it: two additional McNuggets for free. 

However, some commenters pointed out a flaw in Osbourne's hack, namely, that the drinks and fries in the four-piece Happy Meal are smaller than those included in the six-piece meal. "I'd like to have a drink, not a couple shots of coke," one user joked, while others said they're never satisfied with fewer than 20 McNuggets anyway. In fact, one McDonald's worker shared earlier this year that ordering 20 McNuggets is always better than buying four, six, or 10, as they're "fresher" and not made from leftover batches (via Manchester Evening News). Still, if your mind is on nuggets and you see the drinks and fries as a mere bonus, Osbourne's hack does get you extra chicken for free — plus two toys, to boot.