Daniel Muraga

Photo of Daniel Muraga
Nairobi, Kenya
University Of Nairobi
Food Research, Business, Communications
  • Daniel is a highly experienced researcher, writer, and communications expert with a special interest in the intersection between culture and food.
  • He uses his vast knowledge of nutritional anthropology to create high-quality articles that inform, educate and entertain readers, especially in areas that directly affect their lives such as food and nutrition.
  • For the past decade, he has been involved in feature writing for publications in multiple fields, in addition to the food niche. Daniel contributes in areas that include business, commerce, technology, and academia, among others.


Daniel has more than 10 years in the writing and editing field. He has written for both local and international publications, magazines, and research institutions. Some of these outlets are International Data Group (IDG) Connect, CQ Press, Life & Thyme, Sprudge Media Network, PageFly, and VirtualRoi among others. While not writing about the intersection between human civilizations and food, or doing interviews for the next feature, Daniel likes the outdoors and hence communes with nature in the parks, forests, and beaches, given the slightest chance.


Daniel has a bachelor's degree in anthropology and Masters-level training in Communication Studies from the University of Nairobi. His deep training in culture, societies, human behavior, and everything else that constitutes anthropology gives him an edge in covering topics that touch on day-to-day life. Coupled with Master's training in Communication Studies, he is perfectly attuned to the writing and editing world.
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