The Faux Taco Bell Gerber Flavor That Has Reddit Collectively Rolling Its Eyes

Gerber and Taco Bell haven't actually collaborated before but with the number of soft ingredients in the chain's food it's a mystery why baby food hasn't been themed after the popular fast food chain yet. A frequent customer took to Twitter to compare her growing baby's size to various menu items. The posts were even shared by Taco Bell up to the 35th week when the baby had grown to the size of a number nine combo meal!

It's strange to think about the possibilities between Mexican cuisine of every stripe and baby food. Refried beans and guacamole certainly have the texture requirement down but Gerber seems more interested in fruit and vegetable mixes. If you elect to make baby food at home there's a list of tips to follow regardless of which ingredients you choose. Now maybe refired beans won't make the cut but an avocado mix isn't out of the question considering its status as a superfood (via Mayo Clinic). The idea doesn't seem that far-fetched considering a Redditor who posted a fake baby food collaboration between Taco Bell and Gerber.

Reddit's reaction and beyond

More recently than the "Baby Mckain" Twitter campaign users took to the Taco Bell subreddit to question the prospect of Taco Bell baby food because of a meme shared depicting a Beefy Five-Layer Burrito Gerber baby food container (via Reddit). One user hilariously commented, "I mean that burrito is basically the same texture," referencing the mushy filling of the five-layer burrito that is typical of refried beans and sour cream. Another user would go on to mention "(You) can eat the burrito like a gogurt."

The meme has even made a previous appearance on the popular meme site iFunny, albeit to a tamer reaction from that site with only a couple of users commenting. While Taco Bell baby food may not be a reality for parents who want to introduce them early, it isn't beyond the pale to feed infants soft ingredients that frequent the palettes of Mexican food eaters.