If You Live In Canada, You Can Now Buy McDonald's Big Mac Sauce Dip

If you love McDonald's, chances are you've tried quite a few of the menu items. It probably comes as a shock to no one, but the number two best-selling item for the chain is the iconic Big Mac burger (per Insider). We can't blame the chain's addictingly salty french fries for nabbing the number one spot, but the Big Mac reigns supreme when it comes to burger choices. For those who have not even eaten a Big Mac, it's two beef patties, three sesame seed buns, shredded lettuce, pickles, one slice of melted American cheese, and of course, the Big Mac sauce. The Big Mac is such a hit that there are slight regional variations of the burger all over the world.

In 2021, Japan celebrated the new year by releasing the Giga Mac and the Grand Mac. The Giga Big Mac is 2.8 times the size of the regular Big Mac and features four beef patties (per Japan Today). If you're on the quest to find the world's most expensive Big Mac, look no further than Switzerland. A Swiss Big Mac will only set you back about $6.71, or about $1.50 more than one in America (via FXSSI). No matter where in the world you are enjoying your Big Mac, there's one thing that remains the same, and that's the sauce. Canadians can rejoice, as the sauce is now available on more than just the Big Mac.

Big Mac Sauce will cost you

McDonald's Canada's official Twitter account announced the good news that the Big Mac sauce will now be available in individual sauce packets. Prior to the announcement, Big Mac sauce could only be found slathered on the Big Mac burger and potentially served in a little cup if employees were feeling generous. According to ChewBoom, the Big Mac sauce packet is listed as a condiment and costs .30 cents per packet. Customers were quick to praise McDonald's for finally selling the Big Mac sauce. One user wrote, "You've officially put a smile on my face," while another shared, "Game changer."

One person asked if the sauce was coming to the US, which garnered a reply that US customers would have to visit "up North" to get the sauce packets. When one person asked for an entire bottle, McDonald's shared about a DIY version of the sauce. It's easy enough to find copycat Big Mac secret sauce recipes, however, not everyone is impressed with it. Some argue it's basically a glorified thousand island, or riff on French dressing. If you're not in Canada, making it at home is the only way to get your sauce, at least for now.