The Brilliant Icing Hack That Will Jazz Up The Flavor Of Any Bundt Cake

Most cakes baked in bundt pans have a little more substance than those prepared in traditional layer cake pans. They are firmer, often moister, and don't require a heavy frosting to make them rich and delicious. A simple trickle of glaze over the top is the go-to finishing touch. That often means making up a batch of glaze using a few ordinary ingredients like powdered sugar, milk, and a bit of vanilla extract, as mentioned on MyRecipes. While good enough in a pinch, this type of glaze is very basic and, well, a little yawn-worthy.

When you go to the trouble to mix up a yummy bundt cake from scratch — because that's the only way to go for the most delicious results — wouldn't you rather take your glaze game up a notch? It might be time to reserve the plain vanilla glaze for the donuts in your life and try something new to dress up your next bundt cake.

Ingredient subs that will add more flavor to your bundt cake glaze

When mixing up a basic glaze, a good measure of powdered sugar (about two cups, generally) is mixed with a lesser amount of liquid. Just enough moisture is added to get the glaze to a drizzling consistency. A good starting point is three tablespoons of milk and a teaspoon of vanilla. A little more milk is added, a bit at a time, as needed. That said, what would it be like if you were to swap out the traditional liquids for something a bit more adventurous?

Have some fruit juice in your fridge? Think about how about cranberry or grapefruit would work with the taste of a vanilla cake. You can also try apple cider on cinnamon cake, as noted on LifeHacker. If you normally make a cocoa glaze for your chocolate bundt cake, think about subbing some Kalhua liqueur instead for an uptick in taste. From cola to cold brew coffee, there's a world of complementary liquid flavor out there to explore when topping off your favorite bundt cake recipe.