Pamela Siegel

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University Of Texas At Austin
Collectibles, Decorating, Shopping
  • Pamela Siegel has been writing feature articles and lifestyle news since 1999.
  • Pamela has covered subjects ranging from home decorating to beekeeping to budget shopping during her career as a journalist.
  • Her work has appeared in a wide array of online and print-based publications.


Pamela served as an expert for The Spruce (formerly About) where she covered an array of topics including decorating, shopping, and collecting for more than 20 years. She has written for many other websites including Livestrong, Worthpoint, and RubyLane. Her articles have also appeared in numerous print-based publications including Antique Trader, Intelligent Collector, and Where GuestBook New York. She has authored three books (as Pamela Y. Wiggins) on topics relating to antiques and collectibles.


Pamela obtained her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a magazine specialization from the University of Texas at Austin.
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