DoorDash Celebrates Groceries And Chefs In Its Super Bowl 2023 Ad

The Super Bowl wouldn't be the same without creative ads, and safe to say, DoorDash delivered this year. The food ordering company ensured they got their multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercial slot's worth with a star-studded ad that celebrates groceries and chefs, per Statista.

The commercial stars three chefs: actor Matty Matheson of Hulu's hit series "The Bear," rapper Raekwon The Chef of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, and the cute little animated chef from Nickelodeon's "The Tiny Chef." The 30-second "We Get Groceries" aimed to introduce the company's grocery delivery service to a large audience as a part of its upcoming campaign, according to Marketing Daily

DoorDash delivered core campaign message in Super Bowl ad

In the commercial, the chefs help a "Dasher" shop for grocery items while dropping nuggets of wisdom in the process. Matty Matheson pops up from behind a bunch of pineapples to tell the Dasher that one has to smell "the butt" i.e. the stem end of the fruit, to know if it's ripe. Interrupting the duo, The Chef hurriedly runs through a bunch of watermelons and bumps into one to show the Dasher how one can tell if watermelons are ripe if they sound hollow when thumped. Raekwon tells the Dasher that the freshest cream is always in the back.

All the tips sound great, but as the ad progresses, it becomes obvious that the Dasher is the actual expert there since they know exactly what their customer wants.