Travis And Jason Kelce's Mom Still Brings Them Cookies For Their Games

Most of us love enjoying a warm chocolate chip cookie after a long day, and it seems football stars Jason and Travis Kelce are no exception to that rule. Before the start of the Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, Donna Kelce, mom of the pair of pro footballers, was on hand to deliver some home-baked chocolate cookies to both of her sons, per Insider. Since her sons were playing on opposite teams during the big game, Kelce no doubt had some extra baking to do to make sure every Eagles and Chiefs member was able to chow down on a cookie to fuel them all the way through the big game. 

Kelce revealed in a TikTok interview with NBC Washington that she brings cookies to all of her son's games. "All their friends want them. It's just love from home," said Kelce. Before the game started, cameras were there to capture the cute moment when the proud Super Bowl mom handed off her Tupperware containers full of cookies to each of her sons. 

Donna Kelce's cookies feature cake flour as an ingredient

While we know Donna Kelce's cookies are made with love, the mom of two shared the rest of the ingredients in her cookie recipe with NBC Sports. Instead of using standard flour in her cookies, Kelce opts for a combination of equal parts cake flour and all purpose flour. Cake flour is lower in protein than regular flour, which probably gives Kelce's cookies a deliciously tender texture. 

Kelce also says she melts her butter in the microwave before adding it to her cookie batter, a step that she says helps make her cookies creamier. Melted butter is known for giving cookies a chewier quality, which pairs well with the white and milk chocolate chips that Kelce says she adds to her recipe. Lastly, for a bit of additional flavor, Kelce adds a dash of cinnamon, which probably gives the cookies a hint of sharpness, similar to a ginger snap

While we can't try Kelce's treats for ourselves, we can all take these tips and ingredients to try to make our own Kelce cookies.