Easily Boost The Texture Of Scrambled Eggs With Frozen Corn Kernels

Scrambled eggs can be easily and nearly endlessly customized. There are a million little scrambled egg hacks you need to know. There are the obvious ones, like stirring in cheese or herbs. And then there are the big surprises, like how adding some plain sparkling water to eggs will make them lighter and fluffier. You can even use club soda for this trick. Adding milk or cream can give you extra-soft scrambled eggs. The dairy helps lend the eggs a moist, custardy texture. You can even make them in the microwave.

While these are all different methods of cooking your eggs, there are just as many ways to dress them up. For instance, what if want more than a custardy or fluffy texture to bite into? Whether you're zhuzhing up your morning routine with a fried breakfast taco recipe or making scrambled eggs the star of your night, you can try out different stir-ins to change the flavor and texture. We've got an unexpected mix-in for you to try that you almost definitely already have on hand.

Sweeten your scramble

If you really want to shake up the texture of scrambled eggs, look no further than frozen corn. Yes, really. It might just be the ingredient you've been waiting for to take your scrambled eggs to the next level. The sweetness of corn plays well with the creamy, buttery taste of scrambled eggs. Plus, now you're getting a serving of veggies in there, and we're all about that. Okay, probably not a whole serving, but still. According to Healthline, corn is high in vitamin C as well as vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B9 (folate). Plus it's rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which are good for your eyes.

To try this trick out for yourself, simply add frozen corn to the pan along with your eggs. Because they're pre-cooked, you don't really need to worry about cooking them – just letting them defrost in the heat. Fresh corn needs a little bit of extra attention, though. Before you can add your eggs, you'll need to lightly sauté the fresh corn, then scramble it all up together. You can add even more flavor by doubling down on mix-ins, such as cheese or even other veggies.