The Unlikely Juice Ashton Kutcher Adds To His Morning Cup Of Coffee

Ashton Kutcher is an all American icon. From his ditzy portrayal of Michael Kelso in "That 70's Show" to his practical joker era as the host of MTV's "Punk'd," and roles in movies like "Dude, Where's my Car?" and "No Strings Attached," the Hollywood hottie is a certified A-lister. Most recently, Kutcher released "Your Place or Mine" — a Netflix romantic comedy co-starring Reese Witherspoon.

Not only is Kutcher an all-star actor and prankster television host, he's also a husband, father, and an all around normal guy. In his free time, Kutcher focuses on his health. He tells GQ that pilates, yoga, and jiu jitsu take up some of his free time when he's not training for marathons. Smoothies are in frequent rotation in Kutcher's diet, but when it comes to breakfast, he tells the men's magazine that he's just not interested in it.

While he's not big on bacon and eggs, he does engage in one common morning ritual — a cup of coffee. But Kutcher's coffee habits aren't as simple as an 8 AM Starbucks blonde roast with cream. He also adds a bit of flair to his morning cup of coffee that may surprise you.

Ashton Kutcher says coffee and orange juice complement each other

Ashton Kutcher joined The Kelly Clarkson Show on Valentine's Day 2023 to promote "Your Place or Mine." Together, the stars played a game of "obsession" where they attempted to sell their strange obsessions to the crowd and each other. Amid niche infatuations with remodeled shipping containers, and Clarkson's children's book "River Rose and the Magical Lullaby," the pair discussed Kutcher's obsession with orange juice in coffee.

The actor tells Clarkson that the light-roast black coffee is laced with subtle citrus notes that orange juice can complement and highlight, giving your morning coffee a "brighter" flavor. He also suggests that it livens up the ashy aroma that can linger in some batches of black coffee. And oddly enough, some kitchen influencers agree.

Before Ashton Kutcher admitted his guilty pleasure, TikTok was ablaze with viral videos featuring creators trying coffee and orange juice. TikTok creator @eli_bang adds a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice and sparkling water for a summer-inspired, kutcher-approved orange coffee. Another TikTok creator and coffee aficionado said the unusual drink tastes just like a Tootsie Roll.

Next time you're bored of your coffee routine, try ordering your cup of coffee Ashton Kutcher style.