Instagram Is Enamored By Taco Bell's 5 Love Languages

Valentine's Day may be over, but love is still in the air, and fast food giant Taco Bell is joining in on the feeling. On their official Instagram, they made a charming post showing how they can help you show someone your love through any of the five love languages.

For those unfamiliar, Gary Chapman wrote a mega-successful book called The Five Love Languages. He argues that most people have a preferred way of receiving love that falls into the following categories: quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, gift-giving, and acts of service. And it was through each language that Taco Bell provided suggestions in case fans needed some last-minute ideas.

For acts of service, Taco Bell suggests getting Taco Bell delivered to your valentine. For quality time, Taco Bell indicates the joy of eating Taco Bell with the one you love in the parking lot. For words of affirmation, Taco Bell highlights the experience of getting a sauce pocket that decides to "flirt" with a message that reads something along the lines of "you're so my type," like the one in the photo they used.

For gift giving, what can be compared to "when you ask for 'some' sauce, and they give you 97 packets"? And for physical touch, what better feeling than "the way nacho cheese tastes"?

Food is the new love language

After social media caught wind of Taco Bell's heartwarming list, fans adorned the post with fun responses.

"If they don't know your Taco Bell order, are they even your valentine?" joked one user in the comments, to which Taco Bell replied, "all valentines must know your Taco Bell order." It's this playful banter with their fans that led another user to state, "whoever runs your social deserves a raise."

It appeared some users even took their advice. A commenter stated, "me and my partner had Taco Bell for valentines last night." Sadly, they didn't specify which love languages the trip fulfilled.

Others took time to opine what one-time items they were in "love" with and wished were still on the menu. When discussing their Taco Bell "valentine," one user stated, "The cool ranch Doritos locos tacos were my valentine back in 2019."

Posts like this demonstrate how well Taco Bell can keep its finger on the culture pulse and engage with its audience in a fun way.