6 Inches Is All Your Cake Really Needs To Get The Job Done

When thinking of making a cake, one should always consider the occasion it is for before making decisions about things like decorations, flavoring, filling, and the number of layers. To some degree, it may seem like there is a lot of leeway for which cake might be appropriate for a certain occasion, but you definitely have to read the room before bringing a Spiderman cake to an Easter gathering instead of your nephew's 6th birthday party.

Not only is there etiquette for which cake to bring to a get-together but there is also etiquette for the proper way to eat a slice of cake. Etiquette expert Lucy Challenger explains to viewers in her TikTok on cake etiquette that a birthday cake or layered cake is best eaten with a spoon or fork on its side. Well, what about a situation in which the cake is taller than its plate is wide? Do we really need that much cake in a single slice? We think 6 inches of cake is more than enough.

The perfect size serving of cake

According to baking queen Martha Stewart, a round cake that is about 6 inches high will yield 5-11 servings. If you're going to a low-key gathering at a friend or family member's house, that sounds like the perfect amount of cake to serve. When making a cake, we should work smarter, not harder, and getting perfectly even cake layers can be tricky enough as it is. Why then should we break a sweat stacking a 9-inch cake that will serve 12-16 people?

Another thing to keep in mind is that smaller plates make for easier cleanup; and taller cakes, which require larger plates (lest we risk the top layer of our cakes sliding off when we go to tip it on its side), will likely end up taking up space in your fridge if everyone can't band together to finish it. Save your baking efforts and put them toward crafting the perfect 6-inch cake instead of prolonging the worry and cleanup that comes with a 9-inch cake.