Twitter Is Freaking Out Over This Incredible Spiderman Cake Save

Trust the internet to come up with interesting content for everyone. Recently, an image went viral on Twitter as people noticed the unusual picture and started raving about it. The subject of the photo? A Spiderman cake. The tweet reads, "Thank you Spiderman for saving my son's cake." The image that is attached to the text shows a tiny Spiderman that looks like he's saving the lopsided cake from crumbling in the box. 

Of course, this isn't the first time that the internet has been impressed with a cake offering. Last year, creative home cooks put up video clips of cakes that looked like everyday objects, and people were seen cutting the cakes gleefully (via Conde Nast Traveller). Imagine cutting a cake that looks like a box of tissues or maybe you'd like to try out this trick with a shoe that's actually a cake? Bakers can clearly create some impressive looking desserts.

Social media weighs in on the Spiderman cake

The Spiderman cake is making many Twitter users very happy, and it appears that they just can't get enough of the image. A commentator wrote, "What a save by Spiderman." Meanwhile, someone else joked that the tiny Spiderman was basically safeguarding the cardboard. However, a different Twitter user was surprised by how damaged the cake had gotten, writing, "The cake is already messed up." While another social media user said that it's likely the baker's fault, noting, "The cake maker should have used a cake rod, to prevent cake from falling. Easy peasy."

However, this isn't the first time that such a picture has shown up online. A Reddit user posted the same image months ago, with one fan commenting, "With cake power comes cake responsibility!" Another curious commentator wondered what the person holding the box of cake must've been up to when they were bringing it home. They asked, "Geez...what were you guys doing when you were bringing that cake? Were you swinging or something?" We may never know, but we're glad Spiderman was there to ultimately save the day.