Here's What Happens When You Cook Beets In An Air Fryer

Beets are sweet-tasting veggies that don't really have a huge fan base — yet. However, there are many tasty and creative ways to cook beetroots that just might change your mind. If your palate happens to like the flavor of these jewel-toned beauties, you might love tossing them in a leafy salad, seasoning and frying them, or eating them raw. Even sautéeing beet greens with garlic and lemon can be a unique and healthy way to enjoy them. The downside of being a beet lover is that you have to be extra careful not to stain your hands or kitchen counters while preparing them. You probably want to avoid deep-cleaning a mess that resembles a blotchy crime scene after peeling or cutting them.

One delicious way to eat these nutritious, vitamin-packed vegetables is by roasting them in an air fryer. This is a great way to get a crispy outer layer while saving a huge chunk of time. If you were to roast beets in the oven, it could take up to an hour for them to cook fully because of how dense they are. That's where the magic of air frying comes into play — it will only take around 20 minutes for beets to turn into tender pieces of seasoned goodness using this method. There are a just few steps you'll need to take before placing the beets in your air fryer that will help them cook better.

Don't skip out on peeling beets before air frying

Out of all the ways to cook beets, roasting them in an air fryer will require you to peel them first. Using gloves prevents the bright red juices from absorbing into your hands, or you can opt to stick your hands in water while peeling. Make sure to cut the beets into equal, bite-sized pieces so you can ensure they will all cook well. For best results, each morsel should be around one inch thick before transferring them into a bowl. Keep the seasoning simple by using oil with salt and pepper, or you can make roasted beets a bit fancier with spices like paprika, allspice, cumin, thyme, or dill.

Heating your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is your ticket to roasting beets quickly and thoroughly. Once they are seasoned to your liking, place them into the frying basket and pop them in for eight minutes. After giving the beets a good shake to rearrange the pieces, make sure they are all spread out evenly. Then, put them back in the air fryer for another 10 minutes to finish roasting them to perfection. Use the fork test to check that the beets are soft enough, in case they need a few extra minutes in the air fryer. Now you're ready to enjoy flavorful roasted beets on a sandwich, with a side of fresh cheese, or eaten alone as a snack!