Why TikTok Wants You To Put Doritos In Your Pepper Grinder

Sandwiches are perfectly fine on their own, especially when you add your preferred layering of meats, cheeses, veggies, and condiments. That said, there are certain tricks to help augment a humble sandwich into something more creative. For example, tossing on a few potato chips can add a nice texture to complement the other ingredients, especially if your toppings are all softer. Consider the sweetness and softness of a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich – incorporating the salty crunch of a potato chip gives it the best of both worlds, flavor and texture-wise. 

On the subject of crunchy toppings, you may not have fresh celery to mix into your tuna or chicken salad, but do you have a bag of Doritos on your pantry shelf? Now you have a crispy addition that can elevate your simple salad sandwich game. A video posted to TikTok by @liamslunchbox, in partnership with Frito-Lay, encourages viewers to take their culinary adventures one step further by putting Doritos into a salt or pepper grinder, then sprinkling the chip crumbles onto sandwiches like a waiter at some funky gourmet sandwich shop.

Sprinkle ground Doritos on anything you want

The TikTok video shows Nacho Cheese-flavored Doritos being jammed into a grinder and applied to a sandwich as a seasoned chip crumb topping. Reactions to the video were mixed, as one might imagine, with some viewers critiquing the amount of time and effort involved in the grinding process. Another person noted that no one would buy a pepper grinder and go through all that trouble for a sandwich. One individual praised the approach, calling it "genius," while a fellow TikToker said it "looks yummy."

Others questioned the purpose of employing this method when you could simply place the Doritos onto a sandwich and smash it down to achieve a similar effect. Of course, it should be noted that the video used sandwiches as one example of what you can do with ground Doritos. But, as a form of seasoning, the greater implication is that you could sprinkle finely-crushed Doritos on other foods. Spicy Sweet Chili crumbles on your pad Thai, anyone?