The Kitchen Appliance TikTok Loves To Lighten Up Outback Steakhouse's Bloomin' Onion

Steak probably isn't an everyday entrée for a majority of people, and on the occasions when you do feel like treating yourself, it can be hard to fork over the cash for a juicy ribeye or porterhouse. Fortunately, there are several decently-priced chain steakhouses you can trust to satisfy your carnivorous cravings including Outback Steakhouse, which one Reddit user argued is just as good as any high-end spot. "You can get a quality steak with sides and a salad for under $30," the Redditor explained.

Now, to be fair, our Reddit friend posted their "unpopular opinion" two years ago, so the cost aspect of their argument may not exactly hold up now in 2023. However, they did bring up another good point about dining at Outback. In addition to its comparatively lower steak prices, the chain is also home to the infamous Bloomin' Onion, which Food Beast reports makes up 25% of all appetizer orders at the Aussie-inspired eatery.

By that stat, one could easily assume that Bloomin' Onions brings in a large portion of Outback's customers. But as delicious as the super colossal, crispy bulbs may be, regularly indulging in the deep-fried starter alongside a steak and a loaf of the chain's fan-favorite brown bread probably isn't the greatest thing for your health. As luck would have it, TikTok has figured out a simple way to lighten up the craveable appetizer at home using a popular kitchen appliance you might already own.

Air frying is the trick to a lighter Bloomin' Onion, according to TikTok

It's hard to say no to a handful of crispy petals off of one of Outback's Bloomin' Onions, but, on the other hand, we wouldn't necessarily say no to a lighter version of the flower-shaped allium, either. Fortunately, a TikTok user discovered a method for doing exactly that, which they demonstrated how to re-create in a post shared in June 2022.

"This version is air fried, so it's still crispy but healthier than what you would get at the restaurant," the TikToker explains in the video that shows them slicing a large onion blossom-style. They then instruct viewers to coat the allium in an egg wash and a mixture of seasonings before spraying it with oil and air frying it, which does, in fact, seem to render it just as crispy as it would be if it was served to you by an Outback Steakhouse employee. Being that Cleveland Clinic reports that air frying can cut out up to 80% of calories associated with deep-frying, there's probably at least some truth to the TikToker's claim that their recipe is healthier than Outback's version, as well.

Taste-wise, we understand some may be skeptical about how this "Easy air-fried Bloomin' Onion" compares to the real thing. However, at least one TikToker in the comments section gave it their stamp of approval. "I just made this! It was really good," they said.