The Outright Best Way To Cut Cabbage For Slow Braises

Knowing how to cut cabbage for a fancy recipe such as corned mutton and braised cabbage can be amazing. Cutting cabbage into shapes and forms that will set it up for braising is even more appetizing. But in both cases, you might consider leaving the stem and the score in place so that the cabbage leaves remain supported. In order to achieve this, trimming the rough end of the cabbage stem and then slicing it into desired shapes and portions through the core is the way to go. To simplify this, first cut the cabbage in half and then place the flat side down to cut it into quarters. If you still want thinner portions, cut the quarters into halves.

You know that cabbage should, like all other vegetables, be washed thoroughly before cutting. After washing, you're aware that you should cut off the hardy outermost leaves because these are prone to contamination and infestation by bugs. Also, you should check that the core does not extend too much, and if it does, cut it off. But do you know how to cut cabbage for slow braises?

Cabbage for slow braises should be cut into wedges

If you're planning to braise your cabbage, cutting it into wedges is your best bet. "Cabbage that will be cooked low and slow, as in a braise, can be cut into wedges," Rochelle Bilow writes for Kitchn, adding that "although you can braise cabbage that has been cut into any shape, the smaller it is, the faster it will "melt" into a dish." Bilow notes that cutting cabbage into wedges is an important consideration when it comes to cabbage leaves that should still hold their place even after being cooked.

Cutting the cabbage into wedges necessitates removing the core. "Set one wedge on its side and make a diagonal incision at the bottom to cut away the core. Repeat with the remaining quarters," Bilow explains. She also says that if you want the wedges to remain intact even when they cook, let the core remain and you can slice it off when the cabbage cooks. What do you do with it? Some discard it, but experts say you should stop throwing away your cabbage core. When cutting cabbage, you can use a sharp chef's knife and a cutting board. For better results, you can also use rubber stops on your chopping board.