The Secret Ingredient To Majorly Upgrade TikTok Cinnamon Rolls

As we all know, TikTok has been a pretty amazing place for cooking inspiration these past few years. From a simple feta pasta recipe to mac and cheese in a mug, TikTok has everything. And don't even get us started on those five-ingredient cinnamon rolls. Actually, please do. We're absolutely dying to talk about them.

Imagine a Cinnabon cinnamon roll, fresh out of the oven, dripping with icing. Now, imagine that in the comfort of your home. Oh, yes, it's very possible, and surprisingly easy once you know what ingredients to use and — more importantly — in what amounts. Keep that in mind, as it will come back a bit later.

Thanks to recipe developer Feta Topalu, we know everything there is to know about the TikTok-inspired five-ingredient cinnamon rolls, and now, so can you. Without further ado, let's dive into this delicious viral recipe and its not-so-secret secret ingredient.

Turn your canned cinnamon rolls into Cinnabon-worthy treats

If you've got a can of cinnamon rolls sitting in your fridge, you might as well try this incredible five-ingredient TikTok cinnamon rolls recipe. In addition to the cinnamon rolls (canned ones just save you time and ingredients, hence the TikTok hack of it all), you need butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, and heavy cream.

While other recipes may suggest using half a cup of heavy cream, here at Mashed, we wholeheartedly recommend using a full cup. As explained by Topalu, the rolls "absorb all the heavy cream" while baking, leaving them with the luxuriously fluffy texture we associate with Cinnabon. Oh, and of course, a healthy puddle of "goo" settles at the bottom of the pan, which is precisely why Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls are so delicious.

This recipe will take longer to bake than regular cinnamon rolls — anywhere from 40 to 45 minutes – but we promise it will be so worth it when you taste them. Seriously, if you don't currently have canned cinnamon rolls and heavy cream in your house, you might want to run to the grocery store.