The Most Bizarre Frozen Foods Ever

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When you don't have the time to grab food from your favorite restaurant or whip up a dinner at home, there's only one solution that works just about every time: Crack open that freezer of yours and pursue the selection of frozen foods you have stored until you find something that's gonna hit the spot. Freezer food always comes in handy in these situations, and it's one of the main reasons that freezers are so essential in a home. They alleviate the stress of cooking and the cost of eating out, which is appealing to anyone with a growing appetite.

There are numerous different frozen food options: There's the standard fare like bagged vegetables, an assortment of proteins, and frozen desserts. But there are also a slew of incredibly odd options out there. The kind of stuff that you'd see at the supermarket and think, "Who on Earth would ever buy that?" Well, regardless of who stocks up these strange foods, they exist. Some of the foods that find their way into grocery store freezers are truly very bizarre. 

Eggo Fruit Pizza

Anyone who loves to stock up on frozen waffles likely has dabbled in Eggo, the popular brand with the classic slogan "L'eggo my Eggo!" A quick moment in the toaster yields warm, golden-yellow waffles ready to take on all the butter and syrup you can handle. They're quick and delicious ways to start your morning. 

You get some carbs for energy, and a drizzle of sugar perks you up so you're ready to crush whatever task is thrown at you throughout the day. Eggo has a pretty epic stranglehold on the morning waffle game, but there's one flavor in particular that might actually have you questioning whether or not you need that morning meal.

Real Fruit Pizza sounds like it has absolutely nothing to do with waffles at all, but that's what Eggo concocted. You get a disc of frozen dough (like a pizza pie) that's topped with mixed berries, granola, and a creamy fruit spread that mimics the mozzarella cheese on a real pizza.  Sounds strange, right? The idea of adding fruit into your morning meal is fine, but the freeze-dried stuff that comes on this breakfast pie has an odd texture that only gets worse with the gummy fruit spread.

Bob's Pickle Pops

When your appetite is loudly screaming at you, but you just can't figure out what the heck to eat so that it calms down, you're in quite the pickle. So, why not grab yourself a pickle or two? Pickles offer that huge hit of sodium that hits those umami receptors hard and depending on the spices and seasonings in the brine, you can find an array of different salty flavor profiles. 

Now, we all know freezing pickles would seem irrational, right? Who would want to snack on a frozen, briny cucumber? Well, it turns out some people definitely would want to, and that's why they can turn to Bob's Pickle Pops to scratch that itch.

A Bob's Pickle Pop is exactly what it sounds like: It's a pickle-flavored ice pop similar to the colored FlaVorIce pops we all loved as kids. You just tear one end off and push out the neon green-colored stick of frozen pickle flavor. No, this might not exactly quench your thirst on a hot summer day, but for people who just can't get enough pickles in their lives, this is one bizarre way to add them to the roster.

Häagen-Dazs Vegetable Ice Cream

The whole reason dessert exists is because your palate likely craves something sugary and unhealthy after gobbling down a bunch of vegetables during a meal. Sure, veggies are a great way to get yourself a substantial hit of vitamins and nutrients, but it's all just prep work for the tasty treats afterward. Ice cream is one of the best desserts around, and it not only offers that sugar rush, but the cold temperatures contrast a hot meal perfectly. Dessert, such as ice cream, is to wash the taste of vegetables out of your mouth. Or so you thought.

Häagen-Dazs, the hugely popular purveyor of frozen goodies, actually flipped the script on the whole ice cream-eating world and came out with Vegetable Ice Cream that hit the stores in Japan. The company released two limited-edition vegetable flavors in a campaign called "Spoon Vege": Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange. The ice cream never made a debut here in the states, but these flavors will certainly forever go down in ice cream lore as some of the most bizarre dessert options ever created.

Kraft Bagel-Fuls

Who doesn't love a fresh bagel in the morning? Smear that bad boy with some creamy butter or flavored cream cheese, and you have yourself a morning breakfast that'll nestle nicely in your belly and have you leave the house smiling. Bagels are also great because they're easy to eat on the go. Slap on in the palm of your hand, and you can munch away while you commute to work. But Kraft took one look at bagels and thought, "We can make this even more convenient." And the result was a rather unusual breakfast creation.

Kraft Bagel-Fuls are basically Hot Pockets, except instead of a "crispy crunchy, tender, flaky crust" on the outside, it's a bagel, and the inside is piped full of cream cheese. Were bagels so inconvenient to eat that these were necessary? Absolutely not. But they are easy to handle when you're in a rush and possibly need to eat while you travel:  Definitely an unusual take on the morning bagel game.

Lowrey's Microwave Pork Rinds

Deep fried pork rinds, or "chicharrons" as they're called in Spanish, are little fried bits of pork skin that have a crunchy texture but subtly melt onto your tongue once you start chewing. They're somewhat similar to bacon in that they have a rich fatty flavor, but the texture is obviously much crunchier. Now, if you love pork rinds, it's not unusual to snag yourself a bag or two from the grocery store. But, it might be out of character to cop yourself a box of frozen pork rinds that require a microwave to consume. Yea, that's a bit bizarre.

A company called Lowrey's offers Microwavable Pork Rinds, and they're every bit as head-scratching as you think. They're sold in two flavors, original and hot and spicy, and after spending a couple of minutes in the microwave, they're ready to enjoy. This seems like a tough one to stay eager about. However, one customer who clearly didn't think too highly of the product before they tried it wrote that the rinds are actually much better than they initially thought and noted the liberal amounts of seasoning used in the product. So, don't knock these until you've given them a go yourself. 

Birds Eye Crispy Pancakes

A stack of flapjacks is a great way to kick off the day. Those golden discs of fluffy goodness do wonders for the mouth, especially when you pour on some maple syrup and add a few dollops of butter: Welcome to a warm, melt-in-your-mouth nirvana. There's really only one image that comes to mind when you hear the word "pancakes," but the Birds Eye company changes all that with a product that has the word "pancake" in the name but is anything but the fluffy circles of warm batter we know and love.

The company sells a line of products called Crispy Pancakes, and they're a far cry from regular pancakes. In fact, calling them pancakes really doesn't even seem appropriate. They look like little golden empanadas, and they're filled with savory ingredients. 

There are four flavors to pick from (minced beef and onion, mozzarella, tomato and mozzarella, and ham and mozzarella), and even though they pack flavor, you're certainly not going to get a traditional pancake experience.

Evol Street Tacos

There's really no taco in the world that can compare to a high-quality, authentic street taco. Most people likely venture to their favorite Mexican restaurants when they're in the mood for tacos, but if you can find a legit little taco stand that appears unassuming, you'll be handed a handheld flavor eruption that makes you wonder why you haven't been seeking out street tacos from the very beginning. This is exactly what makes Evol Street Tacos such a bizarre frozen food.

The idea of a frozen taco is pretty unappealing, to say the least. You want that shell or tortilla ladled with hot protein and fresh veggies, and this is exactly what you don't get with this product. However, one curious customer did leave a pretty positive review of them, which might be surprising to most. They stated that the tacos were a good meal for people who might be in the mood for a food truck run but cannot make one. Still, nothing compares to a freshly created street taco straight out of the hands of the cook. 

Guy Fieri's Egg Rolls and Cheeseburger Ravioli

When it comes to loud, vibrant personas in the culinary world, Guy Fieri runs the show. The Mayor of Flavortown always rolls in with his spiky, frosted hair and cool-guy shades (that he wears backwards like a boss) to let everyone in earshot know it's time to get groovy in the kitchen. Fieri has been an iconic food personality for quite some time now, and he has the resume to prove it. So, it's only natural that he unveiled a line of frozen foods to satiate anyone who frequented Flavortown. And, let's just say they're very Fieri-esque.

Fieri has a whole array of frozen goodies to stock your freezer with, two of them being Pepperoni Pizza Egg Rolls and Cheeseburger Ravioli, and based on one particular customer review, the products are about as appealing as a bucket of rocks. The reviewer wrote that these egg rolls tasted overly salty. They had similar thoughts regarding the ravioli, writing that it was very unappealing and the breading disoriented into a flavorless mush. Yikes. 

Skyline Chili Spaghetti

If you ever want to make a boring plate of spaghetti into something much more epic, dump on a pie of chili and then top the whole thing with an oversized mound of shredded cheddar cheese: Now you have a meal worth getting excited over. However, for a dish like this, people would want to prepare everything fresh so the flavors really hit the palate hard and you get the most out of each bite. Skyline Chili created a frozen Spaghetti Chili dinner that offers all three ingredients combined into one icy result.

Now, as with any boxed product, the actual aesthetic is usually far from the enticing photo on the front. One customer pointed that out in a review, writing that it looked like the sauce was all mixed together with the noodles. However, people don't seem as frustrated in terms of actual flavor as the noodles they note that these noodles are quite enjoyable.You'll have to be the judge on this one yourself, folks.

Frozen sushi

There are a ton of two-word combinations that make you shudder when you hear them, and "frozen sushi" is certainly one of them. Sushi is supposed to come freshly cut, so you get that delicate ocean flavor hitting your placate like it's meant to. Have you ever had supermarket sushi? It's usually kept chilled, so the ingredients don't spoil, and it's rarely as tasty as the stuff you order from a restaurant when it's prepared fresh. But that doesn't stop frozen sushi from existing, and if you're trying to seek it out, you'll certainly find it.

If you do happen to find yourself in the market for some frozen sushi rolls, heading to Aldi would be a wise decision. Just leave them out to thaw, and you have sushi, although it might not taste exactly like the spicy crab or Philly rolls at your local sushi joint. An Instagram account called @Adventuresinaldi wrote that though they were suspicious of the idea of frozen sushi, it was actually quite good.

Frosty Paws Ice Cream

"I scream. You scream. We all scream for... dog treats?" Huh? That's not how the saying goes, but maybe we should all adopt that version. A company called Frosty Paws actually makes ice cream for good ol' Fido. Now, when your pet comes strolling into the kitchen and sees you going to town on a tub of ice cream, they don't have to feel left out. And the last thing any pet owner wants to do is make their beloved four-legged friend feel like they're not part of the family.

The ice cream treats are available in two different flavors, original and peanut butter, and as soon as your dog sees you yanking the box out of the freezer, they'll sit at attention, knowing a delicious blast of sweet flavor is coming their way. The dessert isn't just a sweet treat, either. Every cup is packed with vitamins and minerals without any added sugar, so not only are you putting a smile on their bellies, but you're actually giving them something nutritious as well.