Overripe Mangoes Can And Should Become Your Go-To Breakfast Bread

If there's one sure thing that the pandemic has taught us it's that in times of near-apocalypse and end-of-the-world scenarios, humans turn to fruit breads for comfort. After the internet went wild with more searches for banana bread recipes during the pandemic than ever before, it's safe to assume that just about everybody can bake at least a half-decent banana bread in the post-COVID era. Understandably, banana bread can seem a tad boring now and if you're ready to shake things up a bit, it's time to start baking quick bread with new fruit. 

Mango may not be the first fruit that you think of when it comes to bread. In fact, it may not be a fruit that you think of at all to go in bread but once you do, mango bread may very well become a new staple. Much like banana bread, mango bread is a type of quick bread that's made using a rising agent like baking soda or baking powder rather than yeast which gives it a texture that's more like a moist muffin or a cake than a bread. So, if you've spotted a fresh batch of juicy mangoes at the supermarket, especially around the time of summer when they're in season, bring out your flour, sugar, and whisk because it's time to turn the mangoes into a sweet bread.

You can pair the mango with other flavors

What better way to start the day than fruit and bread? Plus, getting that burst of fruit in the morning is also good for your metabolism. So, if you're making mango bread for breakfast you can substitute half the oil or fat in the recipe with applesauce will bring down the bread's calorie content, making it a touch healthier whilst still keeping the texture of the mango bread soft and moist. In fact, mango bread is baked in a fairly similar way to banana bread and much like the latter, ripe mangoes will give the bread a far more intense flavor than any frozen or unripe varieties.

MasterClass suggests using diced mangoes coated in a light layer of flour and mixing them evenly into a flour, sugar, egg, butter, and baking soda batter to ensure a juicy burst of mango in each bite. The James Beard Award-winning chef Allen Susser, on the other hand, recommends picking mangoes that are at their ripest and then pureeing them before folding them into the batter (via Bakers Journal). He also adds chopped walnuts and a pinch of cinnamon to flavor his mango bread. Alternatively, a mix of both mashed and diced mangoes, as well as cloves, allspice, and macadamia nuts, is used to make the mango bread that is often served at luau feasts in Hawaii.