You Can Now Buy Wendy's Famous Chili In A Can

Wendy's manages to stand out from other fast food giants by offering more unique items than just a typical cheeseburger and fries. The founder of Wendy's, Dave Thomas, installed the first drive-in window that would become today's drive-thru window, which revolutionized fast food restaurants. If you order any burger or cheeseburger from Wendy's, you'll notice it looks a bit different from the patties at any other burger joint. Wendy's uses square patties sandwiched between a round bun. Wendy's also manages to stick out from the crowd by being one of the only fast-food restaurants that sell a variety of baked potatoes.

Wendy's originally capitalized on the "healthy food" craze of the 80s and '90s by offering a baked potato as a side to the salad bar. Even though serving up freshly baked potatoes can be a bit challenging, the chain continues to offer them up to this day. What's one of the best toppings for a baked potato? Well, chili, of course. Wendy's famously offers a beef and bean chili, made from leftover hamburger patties. The chili has gained its own cult-like following, with customers ordering it as a topping on potatoes, burgers, or as a sole meal. Some employees say never to order the chili at Wendy's, but for those that can't get enough, the chili will soon be available to purchase in-store.

Don't forget the chili on your next grocery run

Wendy's is following suit with other fast food companies by selling its product in grocery stores. Chick-Fil-A fans can purchase its sauces in stores nationwide, while Panera sells its soups, bowls, and dressings in grocery stores. Wendy's is releasing single-serve cans of chili in grocery stores nationwide. While some customers have spotted the cans in their local Kroger stores, more locations will be added "closer to the national launch," according to The Street. The canned chili won't be coming directly from Wendy's locations. Instead, a company called ConAgra Brands will be making and packaging the canned chili, presumably using Wendy's chili recipe.

Wendy's doesn't exactly publish its secret recipes, but it does list its ingredients on its site. The chili contains the regular chili culprits like tomatoes, kidney beans, dried chiles, and ground beef. Fans know the secret that gives the chili its unique flavor is the addition of sugar. If you're chili craving hits before the chili is available at a store near you, you can make it at home using a copycat chili recipe. Perhaps serve the finished chili atop a square burger or baked potato for the full Wendy's-like experience.