Taco Bell Customers Are Tired Of Mexican Pizzas Coming Out Mushy

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza just can't seem to catch a break, can it? The Mexican Pizza was first introduced to the fast food chain's menu back in 1985 as Pizzazz Pizza, and the combination of beans, beef, and cheese with pizza sauce and crisp fried tortillas has been a Taco Bell favorite ever since. So when the chain announced that Mexican Pizza was one of the items that were being scrapped as a result of Taco Bell's move towards a more simplified menu in 2020, to say that fans were outraged would be an understatement.

A petition to bring the Mexican Pizza back amassed over 170,000 signatures and Doja Cat was among the thousands who took to Twitter to demand the return of the discontinued item. Taco Bell, it turns out, simply couldn't say no to the singer. The Mexican Pizza finally was brought back in 2022 after a two-year hiatus, but, alas, this was just the beginning of Taco Bell's problems with its Mexican-Italian dish.

Mere weeks after the relaunch, the chain was running out of Mexican Pizza due to unanticipated demand and a shortage of supply. Even though the pizza was put back on the menu a few months later with ample stock, fans were furious to find that their beloved Mexican Pizza tasted suspiciously different than before.

Fans aren't happy with the suspected changes made to the Mexican Pizza

Very soon after the relaunch, fans were taking to social media to discuss whether they were the only ones to think that Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza had changed for the worse. While some had issues with the way the pizza tasted, most comments narrowed it down to one element: the crust.

One Twitter user wondered whether they were changes made to the fried tortilla base, which made it less crisp than before. Another was sure that the crust had changed because it was "no longer flaky goodness." Even worse, some Redditors found that what should have been ultra-crisp tortilla pizzas were a hot mess of soggy tortillas and toppings clumped together in a mushy pile when they were delivered. While some think that Mexican Pizzas simply don't travel well and that they wouldn't be soggy if eaten immediately, others are more certain that things aren't the same.

One user found that "it [the new Mexican Pizza] isn't the same as it used to be, they changed the shells and it lost something substantial in them doing so." Another found that the relaunched pizzas "don't have the same crispy flakiness the old ones did. I almost thought the new one was corn-based just from the hardness and crunch instead of crisp. Not the same and significantly worse than the old ones." Although a Taco Bell spokesperson told Thrillist that there were no changes to the recipe and that the new Mexican Pizzas were the same as before, fans remain unconvinced.