TikTok Is Deeply Upset Over An Unappetizing 'Butterdog' Sandwich

"Unappetizing" is a mild way of discussing the meal featured in the latest viral video on Tik Tok. Athlete and influencer Butter Dawg posted a clip of him eating a "butterdog" sandwich and even coined it his "favorite healthy snack." But, what exactly is a butterdog sandwich? Well, it consists of placing a stick of butter between two raw bull testicles and eating it as is.

One user commented, "Liver king: ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼," after noticing the clip shared similar vibes with The Liver King. According to The Washington Post, The Liver King is an internet sensation known for promoting the benefits of eating an "ancestral diet of beef brains, bull testicles, and raw animal livers" to improve one's cognitive and physical well-being. His videos have helped him amass a following of over 4 million on TikTok alone. Comparisons to the Liver King were strengthened by the video's use of the shock factor and his claim that the meal was healthy due to an array of alleged benefits, including "signaling molecules."


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The video has over 2.5 million views and nearly 10k comments. So, let's just say that the comments were not on Butter Dawg's side.

I can't believe my eyes!

Despite warnings to not eat raw meats, sushi and steak are commonly served raw or rare at top restaurants worldwide. Offering up raw bull testicles is a line few would cross, though. That became evident in the responses to the butterdog sandwich video, as people flooded the comments with negative reactions.

"Literally everything else is better than that," opined one unenthused commentator. Others followed suit, taunting him with alternative snack choices saying, "Wait till you find out about Cheetos," and, "I prefer apple slices with peanut butter for my snacks."

Other aspects of the upset reactions focused on the idea that the whole video was a troll, since he looked miserable while eating it. "That's not the face I make when enjoying my favorite snack," joked one user. "Mans holding back tears," said another. "This should affect your credit score" might be one of the greatest comments in the bunch.