Give Up On Chopping Onions, Shave Them With A Veggie Peeler Instead

If you're the type of home chef who loves throwing onions into a meal to up a dish's flavor profile, but dreads chopping them every time, you can dry your chemically-induced tears. Fortunately, there is a better way to handle the task that still results in uniformly thin slices, which are ideal if your goal is to sauté, caramelize, or use onions for toppings. Even if you're an onion dicing pro, you might want to grab your vegetable or potato peeler and give this genius hack a try. This useful kitchen tool is far more than it appears to be: It actually works rather magically as an onion shaver, and isn't just for removing the outer skin of your fresh produce, as the name suggests.

When using a veggie peeler, there is hardly any physical contact with the onion, reducing the possibility of tears being shed with accidental hand-to-eye contact. Not only that, but you can still maintain efficient, quick slicing for whatever dish you've got planned. This might even be a faster alternative to cutting onions with a knife and it's much safer to remove fingers and knives from the process entirely. This awesome tip comes from a French chef on TikTok.

The only stabbing you'll be doing is with a fork

It's always a pleasant surprise when you're scrolling online and happen upon a really useful tip that makes you feel like you've stumbled across a social media gem. The chef behind the TikTok account Mon Épulche Légumes has dedicated his whole channel to the vegetable peeler and its many uses. In the video, they demonstrate using a peeler to effortlessly slice up an onion as it rests on a cutting board. A fork is wedged into the base of the onion, pressing it down for stability as the chef begins to shred it with ease by moving the peeler back and forth quickly. Though they speak French throughout the video, it's not hard to understand that this method might just be the game changer we need to take the drama out of chopping onions altogether.

Commenters expressed that the chef's viral video was indeed a valuable one. Even experienced chefs were lamenting that they had never thought of trying this method before, and commenters seemed to agree that this revelation was particularly life-changing. Out of all the tear-free onion hacks out there, this one is great for consistent and convenient results. It really beats buying specialized and costly tools when you can just unlock the powers of a vegetable peeler for all your produce-slicing needs instead.