TikTok Food Reviewer Keith Lee's Go-To Fast Food Order Is So Relatable - Exclusive

Keith Lee is known for his viral food reviews on TikTok that have been viewed millions of times; fans flock to see posts that feature him reviewing everything from local Korean-style restaurants to food trucks that serve gooey macaroni and cheese. Part of his massive popularity is due to his straightforward style that feels like you're getting insider information. If Lee likes something, you can genuinely see it as he takes a bit of the food and his eyes light up.

However, it's also clear when he doesn't enjoy eating something — like the lackluster fries and bitter-flavored ranch he recently tried from an Italian eatery. With all the food the Las Vegas resident has tried, we were curious to know which food place is his go-to spot when he isn't highlighting small and family-owned restaurants. He told us in an exclusive interview that when he's in a rush, there are three places where he likes to eat.

"Cane's would probably be up there," he revealed. "Cane's or Chick-fil-A are my top two go-tos if I'm not around any other food. If Chipotle counts as fast food, Chipotle is number one for sure."

What he eats at his favorite fast food places

When it comes to food that is quick and convenient, Keith Lee likes to nosh on meals from Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers. The chain is known for popular items like its crinkle-cut fries, chicken sandwiches, Texas toast, and of course, chicken fingers. "My go-to order would be a four-piece with honey mustard, two extra toast, and coleslaw, and then I make a sandwich out of it," Lee said.

However, the TikTok star is also partial to ordering from Chipotle and said it's his favorite spot to frequent when he's in a hurry and needs something quick and delicious. He explained his meal of choice is a "bowl with brown rice, no beans, half chicken, half steak, fajitas, cheese, corn, medium salsa or mild salsa," along with two sides of sour cream and "two vinaigrettes on the side" — which makes it all the better to eat like another easy favorite.

"You put the sour cream and the vinaigrette together, you mix it, and you grab chips and eat it with chips," he divulged. "They're like nachos."

To see Keith Lee's food reviews, check out his TikTok.