The Most Underrated Cut Of Steak, According To Marc Murphy - Exclusive

Above all else, the popular TV personality and chef Marc Murphy is a student of world cuisine. Murphy was born in Milan and has lived in other popular food cities such as Paris, New York, and Rome. When Mashed caught up with him at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, he told us that all of the cities he lived in didn't just teach him to cook: "They taught me how to eat."

After sampling world cuisine, appearing on popular food television shows such as "Chopped" and "Iron Chef," and becoming an expert in his culinary craft, Murphy definitely knows his food. During our exclusive conversation with him, we got his takes on all sorts of dishes, but one big takeaway? There is indeed a most underrated cut of steak. He explained which cut of meat you should stop ignoring and even gave us a few tips and tricks to help ensure your steak is perfectly cooked.

How to cook a hanger steak properly

"The most underrated cut of steak is definitely the hanger steak," Marc Murphy told Mashed. "[It's] also called a 'butcher's steak' because the butcher takes it home." Though it was once viewed as a less desirable cut by the public, the hanger steak is actually one of the most tender and flavorful cuts of meat. "It's the cut of meat that doesn't flip while being butchered," Murphy explained, "very full of blood and high in iron."

But knowing that a steak will be good is very different than knowing how to cook it properly. To that end, Murphy also told us how to prepare proteins, including hanger steaks. First, you should make sure your steak is the right temperature before beginning to cook. "Take them out of the refrigerator nice and early," he said. "If you like steak medium-rare or rare, you want to make sure that's room temperature."

Next comes the fun part: cooking. While there are many different ways to cook proteins, Murphy prefers using a pan. "You want to get that pan smoking hot," he added, "and you also want to use a neutral oil" — which won't add flavor to whatever it is you're cooking. But he also ruled out a common favorite.

"You do not want to use olive oil," Murphy explained. "You want to use a canola oil or a grapeseed oil, because that can get the higher temperatures, it won't smoke, and then you can get a better sear on your protein." Then, provided you don't move the meat while cooking — which will throw off the heat distribution — you're well on your way to the perfect hanger steak.

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