The Umami Butter Bomb That Will Instantly Elevate Roasted Broccoli

Nothing pairs with a hearty meal like roasted vegetables. But that doesn't mean they're regularly paired with meals. In fact, the CDC reported that 10% of American adults who participated in a 2019 survey were meeting their daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake.

Among the many veggies that nature has to offer, broccoli in particular can be a tough one to fit into a person's diet. It has a slightly bitter and markedly green flavor that turns some people off. But while it's not everyone's favorite, it's nutritious and widely accessible. The best news of all? You can actually mask its flavor through the magic of roasting. Long story short, eat more broccoli – it can be tastier than people think.

A simple broccoli roast with olive oil and seasoning can transform the flavor of the bitter vegetable by making it a bit sweeter, but why not take it to the next level? Next time you're roasting vegetables, try adding a buttery umami bomb to broccoli that could help ease its earthy flavor and have you going back for more.

Miso and butter will give your roasted broccoli an irresistibly savory kick

Adding a miso butter bomb to your roasted broccoli will take your side dish from basic to breathtaking in no time. Miso is a traditional Japanese paste made by fermenting soybeans and edible fungi called koji. It has a savory flavor profile but boasts a wide range of health benefits. According to Healthline, miso is a great probiotic source and can improve digestion while also reducing the risk of certain diseases and cancers. It's often used in soup but can also be used in marinades, stir-fries, and in this case, a spread of roasted broccoli. But how exactly does it work?

New York Times Cooking recently shared a recipe on TikTok for miso butter-blasted roasted broccoli and it's as easy as pie, or rather, easy as broccoli. After roasting the vegetable in a baking pan with a drizzle of olive oil and salt, combine and mix butter and miso paste into a bowl. Toss your roasted broccoli in the miso butter for a savory, umami-rich vegetable dish. Even vegans can enjoy this simple recipe by using a non-dairy butter spread. Be right back, we're headed to the kitchen for umami butter bombs!