You Can End Up With Even Tastier Garlic Bread By Adding Mayo

Mayonnaise is as delicious as it is versatile. Even so, some people find mayonnaise disgusting, but those dry sandwich lovers are missing out on a whole world the condiment has to offer. This goes far beyond tuna salad, deviled eggs, and ranch dressing. Mayo can be a surprising ingredient that gives body, creaminess, and depth of flavor to lots of dishes that could benefit from a little oomph.

Garlic bread is one such dish. If you didn't think garlic bread could get any better, you are fortunately mistaken. Look, garlic bread is going to be pretty good no matter what. It's a crispy carb slathered in one of the yummiest fats (butter) and flavored with punchy garlic. Throw some cheese on there, and you really can't go wrong. However, if you're a real garlic bread fan and in search of the best-ever version of this food, look no further than that tub of mayo on your refrigerator door.

Why add mayo to garlic bread?

Simply put, mayonnaise adds heft and creaminess to garlic bread. Just start with your favorite garlic bread recipe or wing it and improvise something to suit your own tastes. In a bowl, combine the usual suspects of softened butter, salt, fresh or dried herbs, and garlic in your preferred form. Go for grated fresh garlic if you want a zippy, garlic-forward taste, garlic powder if ease and a more mild flavor is what you're after, or roasted garlic if you want it sweet and bold. Add shredded or grated cheese if you're wanting a cheesy garlic bread situation. Finally, add about one cup of mayonnaise per stick of butter. When all the ingredients are mixed together, they should create a creamy paste.

This mixture is easily spreadable, and keeps the herbs, garlic, and cheese from sliding all over the place. Mayo is undeniably creamy and acts as a base for the other ingredients that could potentially melt into a greasy mess. Flavor-wise, the hint of sweetness and touch of acidity that this common condiment contributes rounds out the richness of your spread. For mayo lovers — and maybe even mayo haters — a cheesy garlic bread made with mayo might be your new favorite pasta dinner side dish.