The Clever Frozen Pizza Topping That Will Save Your Mouth From Burning

There are few things that excite foodies more than a piping hot plate of food on the table. Your common sense might diminish at this point, causing you to reach directly for your meal despite the potential consequences — like an undesired burn to the roof of your mouth. Per Medical News Today, you can apply honey or aloe vera, or rinse with cool water or saline solution to soothe the area if your appetite leaves you with a scorched palate. If your mouth burn results in swelling or a fever, it's best to contact a doctor.

In 2020, a Checkers customer in Tampa, Florida suffered such a tremendous burn that they filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company with the Hillsborough County Circuit Court. According to case documents, the customer went to an emergency room for first-degree mouth burns after biting into an apple pie. The filling from the pastry also caused second-degree burns to their chest and fingers. Needless to say, these types of burns are not only inconvenient but potentially dangerous. Fortunately for pizza lovers, there's a tasty topping solution to keep the roof of your mouth safer. 

Shield your mouth from hot cheese with mortadella

Lifehacker discovered a perfect way to prevent pizza cheese from scalding your mouth. Adding a handful of fancy bologna slices after removing it from the oven provides a barrier between the pizza and your mouth's roof, thus eliminating the pain you usually feel when eating in a rush. The website recommends using mortadella because it won't slide off the pizza like other types of thinly-sliced deli meats. 

So, how common is mortadella as a pizza topping? Though not as often used as pepperoni or sausage, the two Italian foods do make a delicious pairing. Lars Smith of State of Mind Public House and Pizzeria agrees that this fancy deli meat should be added after the baking process (via Pizza Today). While you could reach for another meat that's often served cold, like prosciutto, mortadella also brings a unique flavor profile. Mortadella is made of pork and is often seasoned with nutmeg, garlic, black pepper, and pistachios. This combination of ingredients adds a smoky and savory touch to your pizza. We suggest topping your homemade pie with crushed pistachios and creamy, melty mozzarella cheese if you want to make mortadella an intentional topping rather than a merely protective one.