Snoop Dogg Launched His Own Coffee Brand - But It Won't Get You High

Snoop Dogg is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and is attached to 19 Crimes Wine, a line of pet attire and accessories, and a collaboration with food icon Martha Stewart for BIC lighters. Snoop is also known for his affinity for marijuana and has even launched his own line of marijuana products under the name Death Row Cannabis, the same name as his record label. But, Snoop has a taste for many flavors and has now released a new brand that will definitely give you a buzz. However, this may not be the kind of buzz that you're thinking about. 

Now along with your gin and juice, you can enjoy a cup of premium coffee from Snoop Dogg himself. Snoop just launched INDOxyz, a gourmet coffee brand. While INDOxyz may seem like one of Snoop's much-loved strains of something else, it's actually short for Indonesian, the origin of the beans, and no, there is no THC or CBD in any of the products. 

What to expect from INDOxyz

INDOxyz boasts sustainable farming practices and premium single-origin beans from Sumatra Gayo. They currently offer whole coffee beans as well as organic cold brew in cans. The single-origin coffee beans are told to "harmonize the decadence of dark chocolate with elated herbal notes, creating a tantalizing coffee." Single origins are often offered as a light roast, so as to not compromise the natural terroir of the bean, but INDOxyz's take is in a dark roast. The cold brew is also described as "leaving a glowing and rich chocolate taste."

So, how is it stacking up with actual coffee drinkers? One reviewer writes of the beans, "I cannot find a reason to pull off even a star. From my perspective it is yet another great everyday coffee." On the cold brew, a 5-star rating states, "I seriously wasn't sure I'd be able to tell one cold brew from another but yours was noticeably better than anything I'd tasted before." However, INDOxyz is only available for retail online and in California, so reviews and access are limited.