Taco Bell's Bacon Club Chalupa Is Making Its Return

Taco Bell, don't mess with your loyal customers — they take fast food very seriously. Their affections run deep and they often go into mourning when their favorites go away. However, fans also know that the leaving makes the return that much sweeter. Fans often go to extremes when asked to endure a meal without a favorite taco, burrito, or chalupa. To gain support for their cause, loyalists have been known to start petitions to bring back the Grilled Stuft Burrito, write songs about Mexican Pizza, design T-shirts to bring back the Choco Taco, and dedicate a Facebook page to the return of the Bacon Club Chalupa.

On the latter, fans begged, "If I'm not mistaken it's been many years since we've all enjoyed a Bacon Club Chalupa from Taco Bell. The pain doesn't get easier with time ... We'll never stop hoping for its return. We're all good people, we don't deserve this anguish." They pleaded, "Taco Bell, why do you taunt us! Our crusade is pure!" Apparently, among the more than 700 followers on the page, the beloved Chalupa has no equal. Not even a Chalupa filled with beef, chicken, or black beans could cut it for the faithful. "Why do I want to fall in love with something just to have it ripped away," lamented one fan. "Bring back the bacon club chalupa..."

Then, someone posted a glimmer of hope.

Bacon Club Chalupa is back for a limited time

"I believe I have been informed by one of our faithful, that our time is upon us," the Facebook poster said. Finally, Taco Bell listened. Rejoice Taco Bell lovers, the Bacon Club Chalupa is here.

What is this creation that inspires fast food poetry? The Bacon Club Chalupa is a crispy and chewy fried shell filled with grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, three kinds of cheeses, and topped with avocado ranch sauce. It was first introduced in 2008. Chalupa followers responded with expressions of joy, "I just got the email, it's back! ... I'll be getting 5 for lunch today!" Another said, "Whooooo, even if it's for a few weeks, I can't wait!"

The resurrected Chalupa brought the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito along for the ride. Of course, both are only available for a limited time. Before the chalupa leaves again, you might want to learn how to make a copycat Bacon Club Chalupa recipe. The bad news for some: The Quesarito (a rolled up quesadilla filled with rice, sauce, seasoned beef, two kinds of cheese, and sour cream) is leaving the menu for good as of April 19. Luckily, Mashed has a copycat Quesarito recipe, too.