Linda Brockman

Photo of Linda Brockman
Miami, Florida
University Of South Florida
Food, Travel, Cheese
  • Linda worked for the Miami Herald, beginning in its morgue (library) and then as a freelancer and a staff writer.
  • She lived in China for 5 months in 2016 teaching English.
  • Linda has worked as a Miami stringer for The New York Times.


A native Floridian, Linda Brockman has written for the Miami Herald and Cheese Connoisseur and has edited lifestyle magazines for cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival. A self-described foodie, she loves to write about anything unusual, cheesy or sweet. She is always intrigued by the fascinating foods she finds while traveling and how different cultures around the world interpret and celebrate native and classic dishes.


Linda has a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL.
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