Marc Murphy Watched The Menu And Hated The Ending - Exclusive

Ever watch a movie and leave thinking you that loved some things about it, while other things, had they been done differently, might have made the movie better? Marc Murphy experienced just that after watching "The Menu." The 2022 horror feature film starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes, Hong Chau, and Nicholas Hoult — among other well-known actors — follows the shocking events of a dinner service at an exclusive restaurant, where the chef's menu includes far more than the diners bargained for.

Even based on the trailer, you can tell that the menu this chef is preparing is far more sinister than just unusual food, making for an entertaining twist. Marc Murphy would agree with this sentiment; however, when Mashed caught up with him at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, he also expressed disappointment in what is arguably the most important part of any horror film: the ending.

"When they drown the 'angel' in vessels and then the [sex worker] leaves with a hamburger and lives ... It's like, 'Okay, what are we doing here?'" Murphy said. 

The end doesn't live up to the hype, but there's plenty Murphy enjoyed about it

The ending of a horror movie can make or break the film, but thankfully, Marc Murphy didn't seem to find that his less-than-positive reaction to the conclusion of "The Menu" ruined the entire experience for him. He told Mashed that he still enjoyed the performances on screen, although he also seems to believe that the movie was below the level of talent that English actor Ralph Fiennes brings to the films he acts in.

"It was a fun movie to watch. Ralph Fiennes is an amazing actor," Murphy said. "I've seen him do Shakespeare. I've seen him do amazing other acting things. I feel like ['The Menu'] was kind of wasted on him."

Just as he thinks Fiennes is a great actor, Murphy believes that the research that went into the actual food elements of the film was sound — award-winning French chef Dominique Crenn consulted on the food that Ralph Fiennes' Chef Slowik and his team prepare for their horrifying gourmet dining experience. "Dominique Crenn, who was consulted on the actual food — spot on," Murphy told us. "It was great."

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