The Bizarre Reason Buffalo Wild Wings Is Being Sued Over Boneless Wings

The average American will consume nearly 18,000 chicken wings across their lifetime, according to a SWNS Digital survey. And with Buffalo Wild Wings being many people's favorite spot for wings, it's pretty safe to say the chain serves up a good chunk of those 18,000 wings.

In addition to traditional wings, Buffalo Wild Wings also offers cauliflower wings and boneless wings. The plant-based cauliflower wings and boneless wings again allow for any seasoning or sauce of your choice (and we love the versatility), but flavor isn't what people have a problem with.

Rather, as a new lawsuit alleges, the problem is that Buffalo Wild Wings is falsely advertising its boneless wings. If you regularly eat at the chain or you've eaten boneless wings before, you might know where we're going with this, but if not, hold on to your seat. You're in for quite a wild ride.

What's up with Buffalo Wild Wings' boneless wings?

An Illinois man recently filed a class action lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings for "falsely advertising" its boneless wings. The boneless wings are advertised to sound like a "deboned" chicken wing, the plaintiff claims, when, in reality, boneless wings aren't actually chicken wings at all. Instead, they're made with breast meat, and more like chicken nuggets.

The lawsuit further accuses Buffalo Wild Wings of "deceptive marketing," "misleading customers," and "[failing to] disclose on its menu that the products are actually made of chicken breast meat." Within the suit, the plaintiff also suggests that Buffalo Wild Wings may have used chicken breast while advertising the boneless wings as real wings due to the former becoming cheaper and the latter more expensive.

Although the "boneless wings" are made from white meat either way, the lawsuit argues that customers expect the "more premium" quality of actual wings. All we can do now is sit back with some microwave popcorn, watch, and wait to see how things play out.