Reddit Is Coming For Aldi's Terrible Bacon

We are a bacon-obsessed nation. It's been that way for decades now. The average American eats more than 18 poundsĀ of bacon per year. These slices of crispy brown deliciousness are more than just a breakfast staple. They top burgers and sandwiches, wrap filet mignons, get crumbled onto salads, and adorn Bloody Marys and desserts. For those Jules' of the world who "just don't dig on swine," there are other bacon alternatives including turkey, veggie, and vegan varieties.

The bacon craze got a little, well, crazy after a while with the introduction of over-the-top items such as bacon-infused booze, bacon soap, and bacon-flavored mints (via Smithsonian Magazine). A bacon-themed bar opened up in Chicago. There's even a United Church of Bacon with taglines like "praise bacon." While not everyone worships bacon, the point is, people take their bacon very seriously. And when someone feels their pork belly has been disrespected, they might just raise a righteous stink. This is why Reddit is grumbling over a disappointing experience with Aldi's bacon.

Signs of a fatty bacon trend?

A concerned Redditor took to the r/aldi subreddit to vent and post a picture of the fatty bacon they recently bought at Aldi, posing the question, "What is up with Aldi's terrible bacon lately? It barely has anything other than fat." Some fellow users detailed a similar experience. "I thought I'd just gotten a bad pack or something. It was all fat and just fell apart when trying to separate the pieces." Another commenter complained, "I got a pack the other day and it looks like yours. Tired of eating mostly fat." One person cited it as another example of "shrinkflation ... all the meat has been worse."

Others observed that the fatty bacon problem isn't just limited to Aldi, but rather reflective of a disconcerting supermarket trend. "I've noticed this across the board with bacon lately," said a contributor. "Seen this at Walmart, Costco, and Aldi." That sentiment was echoed by another Redditor, who shared, "I've had that problem too, also with bacon from Trader Joe's and Jewel-Osco!" Here's to hoping the bacon issue is addressed soon and trust in the product is restored. For now, bacon nation feels betrayed.