Starbucks Might Cancel Raspberry Syrup

Coffee drinkers know and love Starbucks for its willingness to let people customize their beverages, even to the point of absurdity. You want to combine "every juice and tea?" No problem. You want a 48-shot espresso Frappuccino? That's not recommended, but Starbucks will make it. You want five pumps of every sauce, concentrate, and syrup Starbucks has, plus a scoop of cookie crumbs and a generous amount of whipped topping? The cup might not have any room left for coffee, but hey, no one's judging.

Unfortunately for fruit fans, any Starbucks order involving raspberry syrup might soon be permanently ruined, as rumors regarding the syrup's cancellation have started to circle the internet. Not only will this affect customizations, but also drinks on the official and secret menu, from the Raspberry Lime Refresher and Raspberry Iced Tea to the Raspberry Cheesecake Latte and Raspberry Mocha Eggnog. Of course, this leaves many wondering what started the rumors — and if there's any truth behind them.

So what's the deal with Starbucks' raspberry syrup?

Before you start panicking about no longer being able to order Starbucks drinks with raspberry syrup, hear us out. So far, these rumors are only that — rumors. On March 13, one Starbucks employee shared on TikTok that she had allegedly seen a note about the chain "discontinuing raspberry syrup" on a weekly staff update.


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Naturally, viewers lost their minds in the comments section, asking how they were going to be able to live without their customized drinks. One person wrote, "I've been getting the same drink for 10 years, why is this happening?" However, as HITC points out, we don't even know if this is anything more than just a rumor.

After all, Starbucks hasn't made an official announcement about discontinuing its raspberry syrup, nor has the chain even so much as commented on the rumors. Reddit users agreed that a cancellation of the syrup seems unlikely, as it's Starbucks' only fruit syrup, but they also suggested that it could be replaced with the strawberry syrup Starbucks Canada is now using. Either way, we can't know for sure what's going on until Starbucks releases a statement.