You Can And Should Add Chili Powder To Bean Sprouts

Imagine watching a dry legume burst with fresh shoots of life, all with the help of a little bit of water. That's exactly what bean sprouts are — dry beans soaked in water and sprouted through the process of germination. But research indicates that this surprisingly simple change can have quite a positive impact on the bean's health benefits.

Per Healthline, dry beans already have high levels of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals but sprouting them increases these nutrients even further. Sprouted beans may even have vitamins of better quality and higher levels of protein. Additionally, sprouting lowers the antinutrients present in a bean, consequently helping the human body absorb its nutrients much better. Studies have also linked sprouted beans to lower blood pressure, easier digestibility, and lower blood cholesterol.

While its many health benefits may be the reason to add bean sprouts to everyday diets, its versatility, texture, and flavor may be what gives the sprouts a permanent spot in your kitchen. Bean sprouts have long been used in spicy Asian dishes where their juicy freshness naturally goes well with the heat of chili powder.

Toss bean sprouts in chili powder for a quick salad

Chinese and Korean meals are often accompanied by bean sprouts lightly seasoned with garlic, oil, and soy sauce as a side dish. The freshness of raw bean sprouts and their crunchy texture also makes the sprouts a welcome addition to spicy stir-fries, salads, bibimbap, noodles, ramen, spring rolls, and rice bowls.

In Korea, bean sprouts are often tossed in red chili pepper flakes and fish sauce to make a spicy banchan (side dish). Soy or mung bean sprouts mixed with chili powder, onions, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil is another Korean salad for those who like salads with a bit of spice. Chinese preparations, on the other hand, prefer fresh red chilies or Sichuan pepper to make spicy bean sprouts.

If simply tossing blanched bean sprouts in dry chili powder or freshly chopped chilies isn't your thing, bean sprouts can also be mixed in a spicy salad dressing — think homemade chili oil. Alternatively, crunchy bean sprouts are an excellent addition to spicier dishes like noodle bowls, where their refreshing flavor can balance the heat of an otherwise spicy dish. You'll be surprised by just how well bean sprouts take to a bit of chili and make eating this nutrient-packed food a whole lot tastier.