Red Lobster Offers First Ever All-You-Can-Eat Lobster Event - For One Day Only

Endless dishes, namely endless shrimp, are perhaps one of the most popular things Red Lobster has to offer. Typically around September, the seafood chain serves up bottomless portions of various shrimp to those attempting to get their money's worth. In fact, the deal proved to be so popular that the seafood chain started having it weekly. What was once only a yearly promotion, endless shrimp is now offered each Monday for $21.99.

But it's called Red Lobster, not Red Shrimp, isn't it? Customers have all secretly hoped that the restaurant chain would throw caution to the wind and offer all-you-can-eat lobster. Unfortunately, the last time Red Lobster tried a premium buffet, things didn't go so well. The restaurant once attempted an endless snow crab promotion, which ultimately ended in disaster (per British Sea Fishing). Because the meal was offered at the low price of $22.99, the company began to lose money once a third plate was ordered. In the end, Red Lobster was out millions.

However, when you fail, try, try, try again. Red Lobster is back with a new promotion sure to strike near and dear to seafood lovers everywhere. Endless lobster is finally on the menu in what is sure to be a popular decision.

The promotion will be offered in Times Square

For one day only, Red Lobster will be serving all-you-can-eat lobster, but there's a catch — this promotion will only take place in New York City's Times Square location. According to a press release, there will be three-time slots in which the deal will be offered. The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. This deal will take place on March 28, and the best part? It's free.

Potential patrons can reserve their spot by visiting the event page, starting on March 21. Space is limited, so reservations will be given out to those who sign up first. Rather than lobster tails, guests will be served as many one-and-a-quarter-pound live Maine lobsters as they can eat. They will also have steamed broccoli and a side of their choice. While the promotion is sure to have many fans, not everyone is convinced this is a good idea. 

Recalling the monstrosity that was endless crabs, one Twitter user is already wary of the new promotion. "I remember when Red Lobster offered endless crab legs. WE DESTROYED THEM. They stopped that soon after," the tweet read. Thankfully, the deal is one day only, so it should be simple enough for the seafood company to keep afloat (pun intended).