Denny's Joins The 21st Century With A New Augmented Reality Menu

When you think of sitting down to a full retro-style breakfast, Denny's might be the first restaurant that springs to mind. Originally founded as a donut stand called Danny's Donuts in 1953, the restaurant was an instant hit with guests. By 1968, the company was operating 1,000 locations from coast to coast and serving up iconic menu items like Grand Slams for guests 24 hours a day. 

Today, Denny's is known as the modern equivalent of a classic 1950s diner and a place where most every teenager has gathered for a late night meal with friends. Even though much of the appeal of the restaurant is its nostalgia, the company has taken an unexpected turn for the modern in the newest update to its menu. 

According to a press release, Denny's has rolled out a specially designed menu with custom augmented reality features to keep diners entertained while deciding which toppings to pair with their morning pancakes. By scanning the interactive menus, guests are invited to explore a colorful walk through Denny's 70-year history and can access exclusive items available only available on the high-tech menu. Exclusive deals are also available, meaning guests can save money while enjoying a marvel of modern restaurant technology. 

Denny's new menus are part of a larger campaign

As if introducing an AR menu wasn't enough, Denny's has also unveiled a slew of other updates to help modernize the brand. The restaurant is reportedly releasing new uniforms for wait staff, along with a line of Denny's-themed clothing items for fans of the iconic American diner, per the press release. 

Available via the new Diner Drip website, breakfast enthusiasts can order from a range of comfy loungewear items for their next trip into the restaurant. The website even offers a fluffy yellow robe with a logo resembling Denny's famous yellow signs. 

Denny's AR menus and clothing line are all part of the company's new It's Diner Time campaign, which is designed to breath new life into the diner chain. Though you've missed your chance to get a free cup of coffee from the chain (this deal happened on March 13 in honor of the time change), being able to try out a virtual menu filled with new pancake creations, breakfast sandwiches, and more certainly seems like an interesting way to start the morning, even if it technically means waking up an hour early.