Do Not Marry Liquors, Whether You're A Bartender Or At Home

Bartenders are as human as the rest of us, and on a busy night, they might make mistakes, some of which may be dangerous. In a video listing red flag bar practices, a New Hampshire bartender advised against drinking from a glass that has been used to scoop ice. For one, a dirty cup can potentially contaminate the bin's ice, and secondly, hitting the glass up against ice could cause breakage, leaving chips in the ice or inside your beverage.

Another dangerous, though deliberate practice is the flaming alcohol trend (via Society Insurance). Though these displays may be aesthetically pleasing, there's a significant risk of burn injury, splashing hot liquid, and cracked glass. There's also the possibility that the fire will spread if a customer adds more liquor to the glass. Many bartenders are also guilty of marrying liquors as a space-saving hack, and you might be doing the same in your home. 

It could cause cross contamination

If you're a bartender or an owner of a wide liquor selection, you might be guilty of marrying liquors. According to SafeProof, marrying liquors is the practice of combining multiple different liquors into one bottle, which seems like a great way to eliminate excess bottles and free up space behind the bar. Though this may seem harmless, it's actually not recommended. When liquors from different batches are combined into one, it could result in cross-contamination; this practice is so dangerous that it's illegal in all 50 states.

One bar patron caught their bartender in the act and posted a video on TikTok to prove it. According to Daily Dot, the bar in question appears to be Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar. In the comments, many TikTok users rallied against the practice. One user noted that marrying bottles can easily lead to bartenders replacing expensive liquors with cheap ones. If you do regularly marry liquors at home, you might want to think twice about doing so the next time.