Gordon Ramsay's Tongue Is Insured. For $10 Million.

Chef Gordon Ramsay likes to stay healthy, so much so that he has an insurance plan on his tongue. Although it sounds strange at first, it's understandable when you consider all of his judging roles in the TV food world. In 2023, Ramsay joined the judge's panel of "Next Level Chef," which he also designed. Not only is he a judge on "Next Level Chef," but Ramsay also acts as a mentor to chefs on the show. Of course, he's also the judge of "Hell's Kitchen," which first aired in 2005. 

Across the globe, Ramsay has 72 restaurants. His first restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, is a Michelin-star eatery located in London. This fine-dining establishment, which opened in 1998, is so prestigious that some customers opt to pay upward of £1,000 to enjoy a special dining experience at The Inspiration Table, which only seats four. To ensure quality in both his restaurants and the dishes he judges, Ramsay must be able to taste-test his food to ensure it's up to standard. For all these endeavors, Ramsay needs his tongue, which is why he has safeguarded it for future use.

Gordon Ramsay's insurance plan protects against injury, aging, and disease

Obviously, Gordon Ramsay would be unable — or have a very limited ability — to taste his food properly after a serious injury to his taste buds. Still, his decision to insure his tongue might seem surprising, if only because most haven't heard of many instances of this occurring at such a high cost. Ramsay's taste buds are insured by Lloyd's of London in the event of disease, injury, and aging. The price tag on Ramsay's insurance plan is a hefty $10 million, but a typical tongue insurance plan is usually not that expensive. In comparison, a Cadbury's chocolate scientist who tastes tests candy for a living has her tongue insured for $1.25 million.

These types of insurance plans are taken out when body parts are considered assets. And, for many celebrities, their bodies are considered essential aspects of their career or brand. Singer Bruce Springsteen reportedly insured his vocal cords for $6 million. NFL player Troy Polamalu even had his iconic hair insured for $1 million. Ramsay's tongue insurance may seem outrageous to some, but it could save him from losing money in the long run if he ever lost his ability to taste the food he's cooking or judging.