20 Best Canned Cocktails To Try In 2023

In 2023, it's hard to think of a favorite alcoholic beverage that isn't available as a canned cocktail. Whether you like straight-up whiskey or fruity mezcal margaritas, there is seemingly a canned cocktail for any and every flavor preference. It makes it easier to enjoy some craft cocktails without needing to make a mess with a bunch of bar equipment, or the go through the trouble of going to a bar. The number of ready-to-drink canned cocktails on the market seems to never stop growing. Several brands, like High Noon and Cutwater, have stood the test of time, but even the well-known brands mix up their drink offerings to keep customers interested in what they're canning. 

It's never a bad time to try something new, especially if you're sick of stocking up on the same old canned cocktails. We decided to provide some inspiration with 20 of the best canned cocktails you can drink in 2023. We included a wide range of brands, types of alcohol, and flavor profiles so there's something for everyone to pick out of the cooler. 

1. Devil's Backbone Distilling Co. Grapefruit Smash

Devil's Backbone Distilling Co. has a fruity line of Smash canned cocktails packed with a ton of flavor and a hearty 7.5% ABV. The Grapefruit Smash is one crowd-pleasing favorite that tastes like you opened the can and squeezed a fresh wedge of citrus right inside. It's bubbly and light pink, so it has visual appeal as well if you decide to pour it out of the can. 

The real grapefruit juice is the star of the Grapefruit Smash, but it helps that the recipe also includes lemon and lime juice to round out the flavor. If grapefruit isn't your thing, some of the brand's other popular flavors include orange, grape, and key lime Smash canned cocktails that are all fitting for warm weather. A 4-pack of 12-ounce cans of Devil's Backbone Grapefruit Smash sells for $14 on Total Wine as of March 2023. 

2. Monaco Hard Lemonade

Lemonade is always a crowd-pleasing drink, so Monaco released a new line of hard lemonade cocktails that feature two shots of vodka in every can. The 9% canned cocktails come in original, peach, and strawberry. Each flavor is bursting with plenty of sweet and sour flavors to mask the heavy pour of booze while still remaining a refreshing ready-to-drink option that is made with real liquor rather than malt-derived alternatives

Many online reviews of Monaco's latest canned lemonade cocktails praise the peach flavor if you're having trouble deciding on which can to try out first, but you can't go wrong with any of the three classics. It's summer in a can, and the only work required from you to enjoy the drink is buying a case at the liquor store and cracking one open. One 12-ounce can of Monaco Hard Lemonade sells for about $3 at retailers as of March 2023. 

3. High Noon Tequila Seltzer

High Noon has been one of the most popular vodka seltzers since its debut. However, the brand shook things up in 2023 by unveiling a brand new line of tequila hard seltzers. The recipe still uses real liquor, this time Blanco tequila, and real fruit juice in its variety pack that is made for tequila drinkers. The pack includes strawberry, passionfruit, lime, and grapefruit, which are all flavor expressions that High Noon has previously unveiled with vodka. An 8-pack of various High Noon tequila seltzer flavors sells for about $25 on Drizly as of March 2023. 

High Noon tequila seltzers still contain no sugar, 100 calories apiece, and 4.5% ABV. The latest tequila seltzers taste like a skinny margarita in a can and are just the product to get people excited about drinking High Noons again since they've been a bar staple since it was first released in 2019. 

4. Clubtails Bahama Mama

Clubtails are cocktails in a can that don't mess around when it comes to alcohol content. The line of malt beverages has flavors that channel a range of classic cocktails, from a Long Island iced tea to a strawberry daiquiri. One must-try flavor for summer is the brand's Bahama Mama can, which contains 10% ABV. It's important to note that Clubtails doesn't use real liquor in its mixes, so it's technically more of a malt beverage than a cocktail. The flavor, on the other hand, will sway you otherwise.

The Bahama Mama is full of different fruit flavors with the most detectable being strawberry, cherry, and orange. It's a drink that channels the tropical vibes, especially when served iced cold. To get even more creative, you could blend a can of Clubtails Bahama Mama with ice to create a two-ingredient alcoholic slushy as a treat for a hot day. A 16-ounce can of Clubtails Bahama Mama drink sells for around $3 at retailers as of March 2023. 

5. Suntide Classic Mimosa

Mimosas can make any brunch feel more complete, but it's not always convenient to bring champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbly to every occasion. Suntide's canned version is the solution. The company aims to make drinking mimosas more of an anytime occasion outside of brunch hours, and maybe even outside, too. The brand offers canned mimosas that take the brunt work out of enjoying the classic cocktail as well as variations on it. Suntide uses simple ingredients like fresh juice and California sparkling wine, which is reflected in its clean flavor that resembles a freshly made cocktail. 

The brand sells its 5.5% ABV cans in original orange, peach, and raspberry flavors. The peach resembles a lighter and bubbly version of a peach bellini, while the raspberry is the latest flavor to join Suntide's lineup for 2023. A 4-pack of Suntide Classic Mimosa cans sells for around $12 at retailers.

6. Picadas Aguas Frescas

Picadas is the self-proclaimed first Mexican hard agua fresca on the market, and the drink brand stands out from the pack of hard seltzers in the best ways possible. To start, the hard seltzers feature alcohol from cane sugar and real fruit juice to make a canned cocktail that tastes like refreshing agua fresca drinks that are popular in Mexico. The flavor profiles of the canned drinks are also meant to honor the brand's Mexican roots, with mango, limonada, and guava being the first three available. 

Another aspect of Picadas that makes it unique is that the brand also makes an individually proportioned package of chili mix to add to the rim of each can to up the flavor. Picadas contain 130 calories per can and 4.5% alcohol, and a refreshing flavor that you just have to try to truly understand. A 6-pack of Picadas sells for about $11 at H-E-B as of March 2023. 

7. Dogfish Head Crush Variety Pack

Dogfish Head Distilling Co. has created an impressive line of ready-to-drink cocktails in a can. The brand's Culinary-Crafted Cocktails Crush Variety Pack is a great buy to get a taste of what the brand has to offer. The package includes two Vodka Crush drinks — a grapefruit and pomegranate flavor and a blood orange and mango option, both of which are refreshing for summer. For non-vodka drinkers, the pack also includes the tropical pineapple and orange Rum Crush and the botanical lemon and lime Gin Crush. 

Each Dogfish Head cocktail contains 7% ABV thanks to two shots of full-proof liquor in every can. Thankfully, the fresh fruity flavors help to mask some of that booze and make each can easy to sip, or crush, before it gets warm. Drizly sells an 8-pack of 12-ounce cans of the Dogfish Head Crush Variety Pack for $25 as of March 2023. 

8. Cutwater Piña Colada

Cutwater has remained a popular canned cocktail brand in the liquor sphere for years. They earn another shout out this year after giving their RTD options a fresh look for 2023 without sacrificing that award-winning flavor. One option from the brand to try, especially once the warm weather hits, is the canned Piña Colada. Cutwater packs 13% ABV in this tiny can, but it doesn't just taste like a shot of rum. Pineapple and coconut flavors are mixed with Cutwater's Bali Hai rum and coconut cream liqueur. 

We understand that people might be skeptical of a refreshing piña colada that comes from a can, but Cutwater's rendition is the version most guaranteed to sway you otherwise. It might not be frozen, but you could also blend this little can with crushed ice for a shortcut version of the tiki drink. A 4-pack of Cutwater Bali Hai Piña Colada sells for around $12 at Total Wine as of March 2023. 

9. Bluebird Hardwater

There always is that one drinker who, regardless of what cocktail they try, always thinks it's too sweet. And it's true that a lot of canned cocktail options fall victim to relying on a little sugar to up the flavor, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. Additionally, a lot of the mainstream canned options are carbonated and bubbly. Bluebird Hardwater is a brand for those drinkers looking for something completely different. The Florida brand promotes itself as the first "hardwater" on the market. The drinks combine ultra-purified water with straight booze for a no-nonsense sipper that's meant for taking on the go. 

Bluebird Hardwater comes in three liquor options balanced by water — 10 times distilled vodka, Blanco tequila, and aged whiskey. Each can contains 4% ABV, 0 grams of sugar, and 78 calories each. With just two ingredients in the can, there can't be any complaints of strange flavor notes or aftertastes lurking inside. A 4-pack of 12-ounce cans of Bluebird Hardwater sells for about $15 on Drizly as of December 2023. 

10. SipMARGS Sparkling Mezcal Margarita

Mezcal is the smokey relative to tequila that can add intense depth to any cocktail it's added in. While there are plenty of canned tequila cocktail options, mezcal is still catching up to the trend. One brand that has a great option for exploring the wonders of mezcal is SipMARGS. The brand has a canned sparkling mezcal margarita that's smokey and earthy, so it channels the vibe of the spirit. The complex agave flavors matched with a hint of sweetness make this 5% ABV can pretty craveable, especially when there are tacos on the table. 

SipMARGS mixes tequila and mezcal in this boozy drink but adds flavors like lime and triple sec to brighten it up. The can also includes a bit of sparkling water for added bubbles, so the drink is a feast for the senses that dances on your tongue as it goes down. An 8-pack of 12-ounce assorted cans of SipMARGS sparkling mezcal margaritas sells for about $26 on Total Wine as of March 2023. 

11. Spirited Hive Gin

Gin is another spirit that deserves more love in the canned cocktail space alongside its whiskey and vodka counterparts. Spirited Hive decided to share the love for its honey-based cocktails by providing a gin option for drinkers to try. The brand sources its gin from New Haven, Missouri, as the base of this cocktail. Spirited Hive prides itself on expertly balancing flavors with natural ingredients, so the gin gets paired with notes of lemon, juniper berry, and honey. It only takes four ingredients, but the drink ends up tasting shockingly flavorful.

Spirited Hive's gin can is a slightly sweet but extremely herbal cocktail that contains 7% ABV per can. The drink almost tastes like a canned rendition of a classic Tom Collins cocktail but with distinct floral flavors from the honey base. Spirited Hive sells a 4-pack of its gin and lemon canned cocktails for $20 as of March 2023. 

12. Country Luau Dirty Shirley

Shirley Temples are drinks kids often like to order to feel like they're ordering a fancy mixed drink. While Shirley Temple's undeniably have the nostalgia factor, there's no doubt that the flavors of the drink never go out of style, especially when you add booze into the mix. This classic concoction is the inspiration behind Country Luau's Dirty Shirley canned cocktail. Dirty Shirley mixes vodka, organic cherry juice, sparkling water, and a hint of citrus into one colorful can. 

Dirty Shirley tastes like the grenadine and lemon-lime soda combination all grown up with a boozy kick. The brand also sells a cherry lemon version of its canned cocktail and both drinks contain 5.9% ABV apiece. Sure, it's not hard to play bartender and mix up your own Dirty Shirley cocktail at home, but Country Luau is saving you from the added work by making a canned version that's meant to be a staple in your summer cooler. Total Wine sells a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans of Dirty Shirley for $12 as of March 2023. 

13. Bizzarro Aperitivo Spritz

An aperitivo is traditionally known as an Italian pre-dinner drink that's usually slightly bitter and prepares you for a meal. It commonly comes in the form of an Aperol spritz or a Campari-fueled Negroni. Simply put, aperitivo is usually a class of liqueurs meant for cocktail crafting and enjoying in a fancy glass. Bizzarro decided to turn the concept on its head by making a canned version of its Bizzarro Aperitivo Spritz. 

The can features the brand's Bizzarro bitter aperitivo as its base, which is made with tons of citrus fruits and botanicals. Then, the  liqueur is mixed with white wine and bubbles and compressed into a tiny can with 12.75% ABV. It's dry and bitter but still refreshing — and a great way to think outside of the Aperol spritz box when it comes to the world of aperitivos. You can find 4-packs of Bizzarro Spritz at select retailers for about $28 as of March 2023. 

14. Cîroc Vodka Spritz

Cîroc is a French vodka known for being a nightclub staple or for its associations with hip-hop star Sean "Diddy" Combs. For those who prefer something a little lighter than straight vodka on the rocks, the brand unveiled a line of vodka spritz canned cocktails with plenty of summer-ready flavors. 

The canned drinks feature the clean-tasting Cîroc vodka with natural fruit flavors, like Pineapple Passion or Sunset Citrus. The Watermelon Kiwi can is one crowd-pleasing flavor that has a fruity and sweet flavor without being too overpowering. There is also a must-try Colada flavor that is a coconut and pineapple explosion in a can. Each can contains 7% ABV, but you'll be shocked to hear how boozy these vivid cans are after taking one sip of their delicious flavor. Total Wine sells 4-packs of 12-ounce cans of Cîroc Vodka Spritz flavors for about $16 as of March 2023. 

15. Ohza Fizzy Red Sangria

Ohza is a canned cocktail line that every wine drinker needs to know about for the sake of convenience. The brand makes drinking sparkling wine on the go even easier with its ready-to-drink cans that don't require a corkscrew or a glass. Ohza has an impressive line of canned mimosas and sangrias. The Fizzy Red Sangria — which Ohza released while announcing its co-owner, music star Joe Jonas — is one standout from the line. 

To make its fizzy red sangria, Ohza starts with a bold sparkling red wine from California. They mix it with real raspberry, blueberry, plum, and tangerine juice for a bold taste bursting with real fruit flavor. It makes it easier than ever to enjoy sangria without having to whip up a recipe yourself, and Ohza has mastered the perfect balance of juice to booze. Total Wine sells a 4-pack of Ohza Fizzy Red Sangria for around $10 as of March 2023. 

16. SunnyD Vodka Seltzer

A 2023 canned cocktail release that immediately garnered a lot of interest once it was announced was SunnyD's Vodka Seltzer. The classic orange drink brand has made something for adults who grew up on SunnyD and it's worth getting a taste of. It's as simple as it sounds — SunnyD and vodka mixed in a can. The resulting 4.5% ABV cocktail is as sour and refreshing as the original drink but with an added kick from the booze. Because it's made with real vodka, the alcohol taste is extremely clean in this ready-to-drink can. 

 The SunnyD Vodka Seltzer tastes exactly like the grown-up version of your childhood favorite — so much so that it might feel wrong at first , but it tastes so right once you slurp that first sip. Plus, SunnyD vodka seltzer has no sugar and only 95 calories for those looking for lighter options when it comes to canned cocktails. Walmart sells 4-packs of SunnyD Vodka Seltzers cans for $10 as of March 2023. 

17. Lone River Ranch Rita

Lone River Ranch Rita is a canned cocktail that's proudly for Texas and tries to reflect that strong heritage in the flavor profiles of its tequila-inspired canned cocktails lineup. Ranch Ritas are basically canned margaritas made with agave nectar and plenty of lime juice, and each can gets its alcohol content from a brewed-malt base rather than straight liquor. Lone River makes four flavors of its Ranch Ritas — classic, spicy, mango, and blood orange — depending on your personal preference. 

Each Lone River can contains 5.8% ABV and a whole lot of flavor, so these are not for those drinkers who prefer light-tasting cocktails. Regardless of which can you pick up out of the variety pack, each one is an explosion of flavors that keeps enticing you to sip more. A variety pack of 12 cans of Lone River Ranch Rita sells for $20 on Drizly as of March 2023. 

18. Spindrift Spiked Seltzers

Spindrift is pretty well known for being a popular brand of sparkling water that features just the right amount fruit juice in every can to develop its authentic taste. More recently, the brand introduced a line of spiked seltzers that are just as thirst-quenching as the original drinks but with a little booze. Spindrift uses real squeezed juice from limes, mangos, pineapples, and more in their extensive line of spiked flavors. It's a great light option for day drinking as each can has a mild 4% ABV and typically between 80-100 calories apiece. 

Spindrift gets its alcohol content from fermented cane sugar which is added to its perfectly-bubbly carbonated water blend. The lineup also includes more unique flavors like half black tea and half lemon, spiced apple cider, and passion fruit orange guava. A variety 12-pack of Spindrift Spiked Seltzers is available at retailers for around $25 as of March 2023. 

19. Slow & Low Whiskey Sunshine

Hochstadter's is a brand for whiskey aficionados to get well-acquainted with, as the brand is creating some truly innovative products for whiskey drinkers. A great canned cocktail option is the Slow & Low Whiskey Sunshine, which is basically a ready-to-drink version of a Collins cocktail made with rye whiskey. The brand starts with 100% straight rye whiskey and real lemon juice before really getting creative with its recipe. 

The 10% ABV can includes yuzu, sweet orange, and Oroblanco grapefruit to really reinforce the citrus flavors that pair well with the peppery rye. Slow & Low's cans might be small, but they are mighty in flavor and alcohol content so that even those who prefer whiskey on the rocks can still appreciate the craftsmanship. A 4-pack of 200-mL cans of Hochstadter's Slow & Low Whiskey Sunshine sells for around $20 to $25 at average retailers as of March 2023. 

20. Fishers Island Lemonade Fizz

Fishers Island Lemonade is a canned cocktail line that is made for summer drinking. The brand's refreshing ready-to-drink options taste like the feeling of a hot day at the pool or end-of-summer carnival. The brand has several iterations of its traditional canned cocktail and some include more fruit-infused flavors. One foolproof option from the lineup is the Fishers Island Lemonade Fizz. 

The 5% ABV canned cocktail features both premium vodka and whiskey so it's not a malt-derived drink. The two spirits provide plenty of alcohol so that you know it's a 21-and-up drink, but not too much that it's overwhelming. The booze is complemented by natural lemonade flavors that make it taste like another adult's version of a traditional kids treat. It's also carbonated just the right amount to keep it light and bubbly like many popular canned cocktails on the market. Total Wine sells a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans of Fishers Island Lemonade Fizz for less than $20 as of March 2023.