To Minimize Crumbs, Try Slicing Cake From The Side

For the record, cake is delicious — regardless of how it looks. As long as you have a good chocolate cake recipe, for instance, it doesn't matter if the layers are a little lopsided or if your icing skills could use more work. That cake is going to taste great. However, we can understand wanting your cake to look aesthetically pleasing "for the 'Gram." Messy icing, sloppy cuts, and an avalanche of crumbs may not be your style, and that's perfectly okay. Besides, the Internet is full of tricks to accomplish the ultimate dream cake, so there's no need to invest in professional cake decorating tools.

That being said, we could go on forever about all the different baking hacks that exist, so let's go back to that avalanche of crumbs. As you have undoubtedly experienced, any time you cut into a cake and remove a piece, everything gets covered with crumbs. It's messy, it's annoying, and it's apparently pretty easy to avoid if you simply change up the direction in which you slice the cake. Rather than cutting from the center of the cake toward the outer edges, start at the outside edge and cut inward.

Say goodbye to the days of cake crumbs going everywhere

As we said before, crumbs aren't going to hurt anyone, but we can understand why people would jump at the chance to cut a cake and not set off a tiny avalanche. A TikTok hack introduced the concept of slicing cake from the outside and working inward instead of doing it in reverse, as most do. Yep, it's as simple as that. If you're still unsure, TikTok user Sidney Raz showed how the hack does actually minimize cake crumbs in a video. By cutting inward toward the middle, you aren't dragging the crumbs outward through the icing and risking those perfectly crafted cake layers becoming less visually appealing after you pull a slice.  


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Bakers sounded off in the comments with their own hacks for avoiding crumbly messes and getting cleaner shots for social media. While a few suggested cutting the cake with floss or sewing thread, one baker commented to say they simply make sure to "wipe/rinse off the knife after every 2 slices if I want clean cuts." Other commenters pointed out that any cutting method would be better than Raz's choice of using a butter knife to slice. No matter which way you decide to cut your cake, be sure to try out TikTok's parchment paper hack to keep your leftover cake fresh.