KFC Is Begging You To Stop Believing The Free Chicken Refill TikTok Hoax

KFC and TikTok go together like biscuits and gravy. Whether it's TikTok's favorite grandma's hack for copycat KFC chicken or employees revealing the brand's secret mashed potato recipe, it seems TikTok users are never far from the colonel. However, with TikTok also inevitably comes fake news — especially fake fast food news. One recent example is the McDonald's returning snack wraps rumor, which, to everyone's disappointment, turned out to be untrue. Another viral rumor was that Dunkin' throws out its donuts, with one TikTok filming employees doing just that — though the brand claimed that most franchises offer a donation program.

Now, the latest entry in this chain of fast-food rumors involves the popular chicken chain. Users are claiming that there is a secret way you can get a free refill on your bucket of KFC chicken, and others are heading to restaurants, trying it out, and filming the results. But is it actually true, or is everyone clucking up the wrong tree?

What is the KFC refill rumor?

In the viral video posted to TikTok, which has amassed over 3 million likes, user @itsallenferrell tries out the supposed free KFC chicken refill hack. After referencing an earlier video explaining the rumor, he heads to a branch of the chicken chain and orders an 8-piece bucket, which he then eats in the restaurant. Then, he reapproaches the server and asks, "Hey, I'm all finished with my bucket of chicken, I was wondering if I could get a refill?" only for her to respond, "Oh, you're talking about that one thing?"


KFC Bucket Refill Policy?? 😎🍗

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The video then brings up a screenshot of KFC's supposed refill policy for viewers to read — which claims that during the 60 minutes after purchase, KFC customers are entitled to a refill. The server then reluctantly agrees and fills the bucket with eight more pieces of crispy chicken. TikTok users were pretty stunned by this revelation, but most seemed to believe it. "Here before viral," one person commented. "Guarantee they end that policy today," added another. Others were more skeptical, commenting, "Ain't no way that will work here in Georgia."

Is it actually a hoax?

We wish this was real, but unfortunately, KFC has since made a public statement to confirm that it is a hoax, and to dissuade fans from flocking to their local branch to try it out. "The bad news is: the free bucket refill rumor is a lie," the chain wrote on Twitter, prompting hundreds of disappointed comments. However, they then went on to advertise a special offer that means you can still get a good few dollars shaved off your next order — which we think is better than nothing. "The good news: we have a special offer for $10 buckets in our app," they said. There are also some genius KFC hacks you may want to try out.

As for where the screenshot of KFC's supposed policy came from — its source is still unknown. According to TODAY, the same text has been attributed to other fast food chains and used in the past by customers trying to get free food, but this viral scandal makes it clear that the policies you see online may not actually be in place. Better luck next time, chicken lovers!