This Viral Dunkin' TikTok Has People Fuming

Dunkin' is hardly the first company you'd imagine sending people up in arms, except possibly over the ranking of its best and worst drinks. After all, its whole thing is good coffee and delicious donuts, and who doesn't love those? Sure, there are occasional sale talks and general worry about its future, but all in all, Dunkin' simply doesn't seem to be particularly ripe ground for scandal.

Still, even though its deep-fried dough game is on point and its secret menu is excellent, Dunkin' isn't entirely immune to the occasional controversy. TikTok is the great equalizer that can deal blows to even the most wholesome of companies — and that's just what happened to Dunkin'. In fact, thanks to a recent Dunkin'-themed TikTok post that has gone viral, many people are absolutely fuming at the company. Let's find out what kind of social media post can do the unbelievable and make people angry at a brand that sells donuts.

People aren't happy about a TikTok video showing employees throwing out donuts

There's one certain way to make people angry about delicious donuts: Throwing said donuts away. This is precisely what you see in the viral TikTok post by user Bryan Johnston. The video shows Dunkin' employees somberly throwing away a disturbing number of assorted Dunkin' delicacies in a large trash can. The caption makes things even worse by putting this tragedy in context: "Every night ... 312 donuts + munchkins," it reads, complete with a crying emoji. 

As you can probably guess, many people have found this rampant donut abuse shocking and infuriating, regardless of the reasoning behind it. As such, social media users have called Dunkin' out for not donating its excess donuts to people in need. 

Per Daily Dot, however, Dunkin' promptly clarified its official policy in a statement that revealed the company does, in fact, offer a food donation system, which is presumably meant to combat this type of waste. "Dunkin' Brands, Inc. has developed a food donation program as an option for our franchisees," it read. "It is left to the discretion of the individual owner/franchisee of each restaurant whether or not food is donated at the end of the day. Dunkin' encourages its franchisees to become involved with their local communities." 

Though the particular location depicted in Johnston's viral TikTok clip evidently doesn't participate in this program, it's at least good to know that the franchise does offer the option.