Guy Fieri Has Banished The Crinkle-Cut Fry

Guy Fieri can be a polarizing figure, and we don't just mean that some people think his Trash Can Nachos are, well, garbage. Some people ignore controversial things about Fieri, but he's not afraid to give the masses more material, as one of the television network's TikTok videos shows. In the video, Fieri can be seen responding to a Food Network Twitter poll which says, "Eliminate a fry shape forever: classic, crinkle, curly or waffle?" Fans of White Castle, Culver's, and Shake Shack are among those who might be distraught to hear that Fieri's vote is for axing the crinkle-cut fry.

Fieri said that he was torn between the crinkle and the waffle, but he eventually decided that crinkle-cut fries were the worst of the bunch. As for shoestring fries, he says "Hands down, that's my favorite." But as always, there were plenty of people in the comments who disagreed with both Fieri's favorite fry — "Shoe string is the worst" — and his least favorite — "If you believe shoe strings are better than crinkle fries, you are probably on a government watchlist." So is there an objectively correct answer to the poll question? Not quite, but after looking at national french fry preferences, it looks like Fieri might be on to something.


do you agree with mr. mayor??

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Crinkle fries aren't a fave

It turns out that Guy Fieri might be on to something with his disdain for crinkle-cut fries. One New York Times writer went on the record to say that crinkle fries are like Pringles, "proudly unnatural." Mashed ranked crinkle-cut fries as one of the worst items on the Shake Shack menu, and a Zippia review of Google Trends data found that crinkle-cut fries are only the favorite form of french fry in two states, Michigan and Kentucky. 

But there are those who will passionately defend the crinkle-cut fry, and one person in that camp is Fieri's own Food Network colleague Duff Goldman. Goldman has gone on the record to defend crinkle-cut fries in the past. His favorite way to enjoy them? The celebrity baker tweeted, "A little oily and super extra crispy served in a red plastic basket on a sheet of wax paper with ketchup that comes out of a red squeeze bottle." The way he describes them it's hard to argue with that dream-fry scenario and we have a feeling that even Fieri might take a bite or two of those perfect crinkles. Just as long as they're not served with eggs, another food Fieri hates.